Cliq Preview

While we wait patiently for the pre-order date (which is just over two weeks away, in case you were wondering) you may want to take a gander at more images of the Cliq.  What we have here is the blue version (funny, I thought that went to the wayside) of the Cliq.  Mobile Review couldn’t get into the software because there is no place to sign up for a Motorola ID… yet.  Head on over to read the short details on the Motorola Android phone and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Mobile Review

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  • Galen20K

    GOD if they had just put a Different Processor in the Thing and bumped up the Mem I’d REALLY be Excited!!! ARGghhhh!

    oh well

  • AG

    The more I see this phone, the more I want to pass. It’s basically a g1 with motion blur, buuuuuut motion blur is going to be distributed to rooted phones soon. So I will pass.

  • Its either this or the N900

  • FILA

    or you guys have faith and wait till the beginning of the new year and wait for that G1v2. Have a little faith something great is on the horizon. Its all about making money. Put this “Hott” phone out, make bucks, then release something way better, better processor, memory for the most part. just wait. HTC ‘Bigfoot’ coming Soon

  • almostmoto

    notice that this phone will be 1 euro under contract, somewhat less expensive than the 199$ tmo wants here :)

  • Rell

    I actully put this up there last month on the phone vs catogorey. I was comparing it to each phone size wise

  • justme

    What Galen20K said. I like the form factor and all, but why couldn’t they have kicked it up a notch. Then it would have been worth their $199 price point. Will probably wait until first quarter before getting a new phone.

  • Akulamenuri

    I completely agree with AG, at first I was in love with this phone and now I think im just going to pass on it :P

  • Karl

    Funny how that works, right? I thought about it too, since it had a *small* bump in specs compared to the G1/myTouch… but the more I think about it and the more I read, the more I think I’ll pass. I don’t want MotoBlur anyhow, I just want better hardware!

    Speaking of G1v2, anyone read anymore about it? I read in other places where a few have suggested that the Cliq might actually be the G1v2?

    And what of the Houdini? Haven’t heard about that one in a while either…

  • Jose

    I am sooo confused about which phone to go with between Motorola Cliq (looks good but not too much room between the letters in the keyboard and I like to type fast) or T-Mobile G1 (a lot of room between the letters but less memory and the video cam is not that good). Please help

  • Maddy

    Not only does this not have anything special as compared to the G1 released over a YEAR ago, T-Mobile dropped the ball with pricing on this thing.

    It’s going to sell for 150 EURO unlocked, no contract and 1 EURO with contract. 150 EURO is ~$220, so I wonder is T-Mobile USA giving you just $20 worth of subsidy on this phone for a 2 DAMNED YEAR contract?

  • Ms.Sensational

    I was also thinking about getting the cliq for myself, but once I saw the price and that the features are not really all that great… I’m going to stick with my rooted G1. I can keep playing with that until something worth my money comes out.. Get with it T-Mo.

  • Nick
  • will

    I have a question should I get the MYTOUCH or the CLIQ

  • t-mobile has been lacking in processors they put in there phones from the beginning wtf!! t-mobile!!! is it to much to ask for a capable phone that doesn’t freeze due to crappy processors and better memory!!! i’m thinking of switching from t-mobile i’ve been with them for over 6 years and i’m still waiting for a phone that tops the market. i ended up getting a new tmobile iphone from germany and this(along with their great customer service) is the only reason i still have tmobile. but i’ve been waiting for 6 years to have a phone with no problems where is it tmobile!!!!