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Good News for T-Mobile: 5G SALE Act Passes the Congress

T-Mobile has gotten an early Christmas present from the Congress as they passed a bill enabling the Un-carrier to take ownership of their acquired spectrum licenses. The bill authorizes ownership to T-Mobile US and the other winners of the 2022 2.5 GHz spectrum license auction. Ever since the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction authority expired, processing the spectrum has been in limbo.  Despite wrapping up the auction in fall 2022, the FCC had to stop all … [read full article]

AT&T And T-Mobile Senate Hearing Bringing CEO’s Together

On May 11th, the AT&T / T-Mobile acquisition deal fight begins with an appearance before Senate lawmakers to argue both for and against the deal. As expected, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and T-Mobile USA CEO Philip Humm will appear before the Senate committee to argue in favor of the merger. As expected a main point of their  argument will be that a combined company will … [read full article]