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T-Mobile’s new Phone Freedom plans explained

After its Phone Freedom announcement, we’re getting a glimpse of the new Go5G Plus plan. An earlier report revealed that this plan will replace T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And now, The Mobile Report has gone into detail what these new plans will look like.  Go5G – $75 per month with autopay, taxes and fees included, comes with 100GB premium data, 15GB high-speed data, unlimited … [read full article]

Here’s everything T-Mobile announced at its Phone Freedom event

Yesterday, T-Mobile announced that they will be announcing their next Un-carrier move. Now that the event has wrapped up, we finally know what the big announcement is: T-Mobile’s Phone Freedom.  So what is Phone Freedom? There are four things that T-Mo announced at the event. These include the following: Go5G Plus Previously, The Mobile Report first reported on some possible changes that will be taking place on … [read full article]