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T-Mobile Will Award 5 More Winners in Its Nada Yada Island Confessions Sweepstakes

Back in June, Metro by T-Mobile rolled out a giveaway called Nada Yada Island Confessions, where they picked five winners to win a $10,000 dream vacation. Although the giveaway ended on July 8, the prepaid brand has decided to do another round and pick five other winners.  The T-Mobile prepaid brand announced that it will “keep the party going” by giving five more … [read full article]

Be One of the 5 Winners of Metro by T-Mobile’s $10,000 Dream Vacation When You Talk About Your Ex

Metro by T-Mobile has something up its sleeve as it unveils a new sweepstakes program. The T-Mobile prepaid brand will be giving away a total of five Dream Vacations, together with Chrissy Teigen.  The sweepstakes celebrate the launch of the new Metro Flex Plans. Starting Monday, June 24, fans can step into a confessional booth in Times Square and talk about a time when they ended a yada relationship. The event will be graced by Chrissy Teigen, … [read full article]