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Hacker Claims Responsibility for Hacking T-Mobile This Month


A threat actor is claiming to have hacked T-Mobile and is offering the stolen data for sale. In response to this, the Un-carrier said that its systems “have not been compromised.” The wireless carrier sent a statement to Bleeping Computer and shared that they are “actively investigating a claim of an issue at a third-party service provider. We have no indication that T-Mobile customer data or source code … [read full article]

Man Behind 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach Finally Arrested

Ever wondered what happened to cybercriminals? Unlike what we see on TV and the movies, they don’t exactly live happily ever after their crimes. But in the case of John Binns, the man behind the 2021 T-Mobile data breach, his taste for freedom is about to run out.  After hacking T-Mobile’s systems in 2021, Binns bragged about how he was able to do it with the Un-carrier’s awful security. While the 24-year-old American pretended like that was … [read full article]