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T-Mobile’s new Phone Freedom plans explained

After its Phone Freedom announcement, we’re getting a glimpse of the new Go5G Plus plan. An earlier report revealed that this plan will replace T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And now, The Mobile Report has gone into detail what these new plans will look like.  Go5G – $75 per month with autopay, taxes and fees included, comes with 100GB premium data, 15GB high-speed data, unlimited … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile changing Magenta plans to Go5G

It looks like T-Mobile will soon be making changes to its plans. More specifically, the plans that will be affected by the change are the “Magenta” plans. The Mobile Report recently reported on these changes that will be affecting T-Mo’s Magenta plans. And according to the report, the main Magenta plans will be changed to a new branding called “Go5G.” This also means that the old Magenta plans will … [read full article]