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T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger approved by California Public Utilities Commission

  For a long time, one of the final hurdles that T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger had before it could close was approval from the California Public Utilities Commission, the last of 19 PUCs to weigh in on the deal. Of course, we all know that T-Mo and Sprint went ahead and closed their merger without the CPUC earlier this month, but now that approval has finally … [read full article]

California PUC says T-Mobile and Sprint can’t merge until it makes a final decision on the deal

Yesterday T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they had completed their merger, but the deal still hasn’t gotten official approval from the California Public Utilities Commission, the final hurdle it needs to clear before it can officially merge. Now the CPUC has something to say about that. The CPUC has issued an order saying that T-Mobile and Sprint cannot begin … [read full article]

California Public Utilities Commission issues proposal to approve the T-Mobile-Sprint merger

Hot on the heels of California’s Attorney General saying that he won’t appeal the ruling in T-Mobile-Sprint merger lawsuit, some more good news for the merger has come out of California. The California Public Utilities Commission has issued a proposal to approve the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. The approval comes with “extensive conditions” that aim to mitigate any adverse impacts on competition and to … [read full article]

California utilities commission won’t make T-Mobile-Sprint merger decision until April 16th

T-Mobile has said that its merger with Sprint could close as soon as April 1st, but it’s looking like that may not happen. While T-Mobile and Sprint have secured most of the approvals they need to complete their merger, they’re still waiting to get the green light from the California Public Utilities Commision. The CPUC is the last state utility commission of 19 total that … [read full article]

California Public Utilities Commission to review T-Mobile-Sprint merger

The proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is currently being reviewed by the FCC and DoJ, but those aren’t the only groups that want to take a closer look at the deal. The California Public Utilities Convention (CPUC) has revealed that it wants to hold hearings to learn more about the T-Mobile-Sprint merger. Public participation hearings will be held in November and December, followed by an evidentiary hearing … [read full article]