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T-Mobile now plans to charge $35 on almost every transaction

It’s a sad day for T-Mobile customers as the company plans to put up an activation fee on some of its services.  For some time now, the Un-carrier has an Assisted Support Charge in place. The charge started at $20 and has eventually crept up to $35. But customers could avoid this fee by ordering online. Unfortunately, the Un-carrier plans to change things up and will now impose the fee for almost every transaction.  The report comes … [read full article]

T-Mobile increases support charge fees by $5

It looks like T-Mobile is increasing its Assisted Support Charge (ASC) and Upgrade Support Charge (USC). These charges are similar to standard activation fees that other carriers charge.  ASC is a charge for new account sign-ups or when a new line is added to an account. Meanwhile, USC is a fee that T-Mobile charges to customers who require assistance in upgrading their phones.  The T-Mo Report was able to … [read full article]