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Woman Claims T-Mobile & AT&T’s Towers are Making Her Sick

Have you ever considered the possibility of a network tower that’s making you sick? In a recent report, there is one woman from Minnesota who filed a lawsuit against AT&T, T-Mobile, and American Tower for allegedly making her sick.  According to Wireless Estimator, Marcia Haller moved into her home in 2008 with her husband. They reside in a rural area just north of Duluth, Minnesota. Shortly … [read full article]

T-Mobile taking 5G network buildout slower than tower companies expected

One of the major reasons that T-Mobile wanted to acquire Sprint was spectrum that it could use to bolster its 5G network. However, according to one tower company, T-Mo is going a bit slower than expected with its post-merger 5G buildout. During an earnings call this week, American Tower said that it had expected more new business from T-Mobile because of increased tower activity. There’s only … [read full article]