T-Mobile Plans to Provide Frontline Employees With AI “Superpowers”

It looks like T-Mobile is incorporating more AI tools to its systems. 

Recently, The Mobile Report received information that T-Mobile will be using AI “Superpowers” to improve its frontline employees. Through these tools, the Un-carrier believes it can cut down time for its employees to sift through data and serve customers faster and better.

There are three features available in its AI tool. The first, GenAI Chat, can give quick answers to the questions of customers; no matter how complicated it is. They also have a Promo Genius feature, that allows employees to find the best deals that fit a particular customer.  

Lastly, the Best Action (NBA) feature helps staff do their jobs better by analyzing customer information and anticipating what the customer needs. Through this feature, employees can give real-time recommendations. 

The tool also has an Expert Recap, which summarizes calls faster; and Expert Head Start, which assigns “a next best action for a customer” using his data.

To get the job done properly, T-Mobile is collecting interaction data from other customers. Hopefully, T-Mo can secure its systems to avoid hacking incidents. 

Of course, not everyone is pleased with the Un-carrier’s latest move; especially the employees who will have to learn how to use the tool once again (via PhoneArena). But if this will greatly improve its system and T-Mobile can guarantee the security of its tool, we don’t see how this could be a problem later on.  

Source: PhoneArena