FCC Approves T-Mobile’s Proposed Acquisition of Mint Mobile

It’s official! T-Mobile has received the approval of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its proposed acquisition of Ka’ena Corporation and its assets, Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile. 

The Un-carrier previously announced its plans to acquire Ryan Reynolds’ MVNO brand for $1.35 billion. When Mike Sievert announced this, he promised to “work to further their success.” 

Now that the acquisition has been approved, the transaction is expected to close on May 1. 

Just a few days ago, consumer groups filed their opposition to the acquisition. But T-Mobile has responded to the concerns of these groups. One of the ways that T-Mobile is alleviating these is by doing some adjustments. Recently, T-Mobile filed a voluntary handset unlocking commitment. This comes with a promise that they will automatically unlock existing devices under Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile as long as they meet their eligibility criteria. 

We can wait for further announcements from T-Mobile on the next steps they plan to take with its acquisition of Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile.

Source: Fierce Network

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