T-Mobile’s New Gateway Device is Now Available in Stores


T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service has only been around for a few years but it’s already a service that many are enjoying. Through the service, users get to have access to up to 200 Mbps speeds.

Ever since its inception, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service has offered four Home Internet Gateway devices. It is through these devices that users can connect to the cellular network. These devices also offer Wi-Fi and ethernet connection. The good news is, a new gateway device has just been added to the lineup. 

The latest gateway device is the G4 (or Gen 4 model), manufactured by Sercomm and Arcadyan. Unlike the other gateway models, the G4 has an external antenna connection. This way, customers can get better signal with the use of the antenna. Previously, the other gateway devices required the purchase of a separate antenna, which cost $99.

As revealed by The Mobile Report, the new gateway device has been available in T-Mobile stores since February 29. So far, the reviews of the G4 have been positive. It will likely be the standard gateway device that T-Mobile will be offering to Home Internet customers. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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