Report: T-Mobile Employees Air Out Their Grievances Over New Commission Metrics


It looks like some T-Mobile employees are turning to a T-Mobile sub-Reddit page to complain about the new policies that have been implemented, especially on the sales team. 

As spotted by PhoneArena, these employees are being pressured to meet certain metrics. One employee shared that he is not “fairly new” to working at T-Mobile and has been in several other wireless brands. While he claims to be part of the top 1% of T-Mobile’s sales for six months, he shares that he “has seen more fraud here than anywhere else I’ve been so far.” 

A second representative backed up the comment and shared that 80% of sales pros “do the right thing and do it the right way”. But as for the remaining 20%, it isn’t the case. The problem is attributed to T-Mobile customers and “shady folks” working at T-Mobile.

A third representative for the Un-carrier shared that he is under a lot of pressure. “My goals have increased about 30% year over year with an arbitrary spike of 150% last summer.” He also warned customers of “more dishonesty in the coming months” since some of the employees are just trying to “keep their jobs.”

The publication shared that T-Mobile employees earn more commission whenever a new line is added. And as shared on the Reddit thread, the company “encourages this with unrealistic targets and expectations.” This means that the reps aren’t trying to be greedy, they just get in trouble when they don’t get as many postpaid activations. 

It’s sad if this is really the case with T-Mobile sales reps. Hopefully, T-Mobile can do something about it otherwise it will affect customers’ appreciation for the brand. 

Source: PhoneArena