Former T-Mobile Accelerator Participant Joins Snapdragon Spaces Platform

Beem, a holographic communications company and former T-Mobile Accelerator participant, has joined the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform. By joining this, they are making its communication services more accessible to consumers with a compatible device under T-Mobile’s network.

It’s the stuff of sci-fi movies that we can only dream about. With Beem’s innovative product, the future of hologram communication is within reach. And although nothing beats in-person communication, this technology proves to be useful in making presentations or conversations over the phone.  

With the partnership, Beem’s technology will be available on all devices that are compatible with Snapdragon Spaces, which is a premium option offered to business users.

With the announcement, Beem CEO, Janosch, said:

“Snapdragon Spaces is the platform of the future for spatial computing, and we’re thrilled to add Beem’s telepresence capabilities, enabling the communications medium of the future, now. T-Mobile is the largest provider of 5G in the United States; to join forces with them to introduce hologram communication to the world is a game changer.”

If you have a Snapdragon Spaces Ready device, the new telepresence integration from Beem is now available on your device. New features and updates are coming soon.To learn more about the technology, you can visit this page.

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