T-Mobile Pays Off Existing Device Installment Plans of Former Sprint Customers

T-Mobile has sent out good news to some former Sprint customers. 

According to users on Reddit, some subscribers have received a screenshot of a message that the carrier recently sent them. The message reads:
“Sprint is now T-Mobile: Good news! We’ve forgiven the remaining balance for the installment billing agreement(s) below. You now own your device in full, so you can use its trade-in value when you upgrade to a new device. This change will be reflected on your bill within 1-2 bill cycles.” 

As shared by PhoneArena, the person who shared the message still had a whole year to pay for his device. With the message, he got a pretty good deal on his device. 

There are some users who believe T-Mobile had to do this since there were still existing Sprint leases and installment contracts that needed to be converted. To finally migrate the last remaining Sprint subscribers to migrate to T-Mobile, they decided to make this offer.  

By doing this, T-Mobile has essentially unlocked these Sprint-locked devices. And as T-Mo says, you can now “use its trade-in value” to upgrade to a new device. 

If you were among those who got this message, congratulations! You no longer have to pay for the device on an installment plan. 

Source: PhoneArena