T-Mobile Enforces “Long-Ignored Rule” on Its Employee Discount

Despite the numerous wins that T-Mobile received this week, its employees do not share this joy. This is because the Un-carrier has announced a change to a major employee benefit. 

As reported by The Mobile Report, a new rule will be implemented on its employee wireless discount policy. 

Originally, employees had the ability to designate lines to enjoy a 75% discount on their accounts. They can pick up to 12 service lines for the discount. And before the change, employees always had a 75% or 20% discount option. They were also able to pick the discount they wish to use on service lines. 

Unfortunately, the new change will put an end to this liberty. T-Mobile will now be strict in enforcing its rule to offer the 75% discount to employees, spouses and immediate family, or IRS identified dependents. The rest of that number can only get 20%. 

This isn’t really a new rule. In fact, the publication shares that this has been a “long-ignored rule.” But what bothers employees is that they will now be required to “attest” to these discounts. Employees that are discovered to have not followed this rule may be subject to corrective action for abusing this employee discount benefit.

Still, this makes employees afraid of the repercussions should they decide to give a 75% discount to customers who are not part of their immediate family or IRS identified dependents. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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