Report: T-Mobile Makes International Calls to Select Countries More Affordable

T-Mobile is making international calls less intimidating for its customers. That’s because the Un-carrier has made international calls much cheaper than before. 

According to The Mobile Report, calls to certain countries are now cheaper for T-Mobile customers. To be more specific, calls to Central America and South America will now be cheaper. The list of countries that are getting cheaper calls include the following:

  • Landline and Mobile:
    • Bolivia
    • Ecuador
    • El Salvador
    • Guatemala
    • Haiti
    • Honduras
    • Nicaragua
    • Paraguay
  • Mobile Only:
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Panama
    • Peru
    • Uruguay

Even though the prices on phone calls to these countries are going down, the actual rate still depends on the country you are calling. You can check T-Mobile’s international calling portal to learn more about these rates. It’s important to note that calls to Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela are currently free.

Source: The Mobile Report