T-Mobile adds new Home Internet gateway device

Good news to all T-Mobile customers planning to sign up to T-Mo’s Home Internet service: you are getting a new Home Internet gateway device. 

The T-Mo Report was able to confirm details of the device after receiving internal documents. The new gateway was spotted by Facebook users via an FCC listing. A PDF manual of the device can also be found on T-Mo’s website, which further cements this gateway device as an official product. 

The gateway device in question is the Sagemcomm FAST 5688W. The manufacturer is best known for producing various broadband equipment, such as routers, modems, set top boxes, and many others. If you’re a cable subscriber, the name may sound familiar to you. 

After reports of this gateway device leaked online, users turned to Reddit to share their frustrations in using Sagemcomm hardware. Some users even recommended customers to avoid using this device due to the manufacturer’s history. 

The leaked documents reveal that the new gateway will not replace or upgrade the existing models offered by T-Mobile. Instead, it will serve as an option along with the other models by Nokia and Arcadyan. If you opt for the Sagemcomm, however, know that it supports 5G band N77 or C-band spectrum. T-Mobile has not yet deployed this spectrum. But they were able to acquire it in last year’s auction. This means that if T-Mobile deploys this spectrum, Home Internet users that use Sagemcomm’s gateway device will be able to use it. 

Sagemcomm’s gateway device will be available starting August 15. You can learn more about the device here.

Source: T-Mo Report

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