T-Mobile’s latest termination count may reach “hundreds”

Back when the T-Mobile-Sprint merger was still being studied, T-Mobile promised that it would bring an “increase of jobs” to labor groups. Unfortunately today, it looks like the Un-carrier is unable to keep that end of the bargain. 

T-Mobile has laid off a number of its employees since last month. As The T-Mo Report revealed, T-Mobile says they are doing “organizational changes” in the company. Apart from laying off numerous positions, T-Mo has restructured its organization with a host of job titles. An employee says that more than 40% of the training team has been let go. 

In its letter to the employees it decided to let go, T-Mo said: “As part of continual business review, the leadership of your function has determined that some organization changes are required, resulting in the elimination of your position and the difficult decision to terminate your employment.”

The affected employees were given severance packages. T-Mo also gave them an option to look and apply for a different role within the company. But if they chose the latter, their severance package would be revoked. The experience, however, turned off the terminated employees. While they thought their position in the company was relatively safe, the termination came as a big surprise. This is why many aren’t open to the idea of looking for a new position in T-Mobile anymore. 

The report notes that this is the largest round of layoffs ever since T-Mobile and Sprint merged. There’s no exact number on how many employees T-Mobile decided to let go. But according to estimates, it could be hundreds, maybe even more. We just hope this is the last series of terminations from T-Mobile. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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