T-Mobile will pay Sprint SIM users to make the switch

T-Mobile is doing everything it can to convince Sprint users to switch to a T-Mo SIM card. One way it is trying to do so is by paying people to change to a T-Mobile SIM. If you’re one of those who are still using a Sprint SIM card, you could get bill credit to make the switch. 

T-Mobile calls this the “T-Mobile Network Experience” or “TNX”. As shared by The T-Mo Report, this is the process of swapping out a legacy Sprint SIM card for T-Mobile’s. By switching your SIM card, your network also gets changed to T-Mo’s towers. 

The report also shared a document detailing more information about TNX. It says that customers who have not yet TNX’d their lines will get a $10 bill credit per line to make the switch. If you have more than one line on your account, you will need to TNX all of those lines to get the credit. 

This offer will start tomorrow, June 30th. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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