T-Mobile offering OnePlus Nord N20 5G for free

T-Mobile is currently offering the OnePlus Nord N20 5G for free to customers who activate a new line of service. 

As revealed by PhoneArena, you can get the mid-range phone for free without needing to trade in a device or port in an existing number from another operator. With this promotion in place, you can get the 6.43-inch device for free and get to enjoy a relatively new device. 

But of course, the free phone doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s, well, free. You will have to pay $282 upfront and receive monthly bill credits over two years. You will need to sign up with an installment plan so you can get the discount on the device. This seems to be the way things are with free phones these days. 

Also, you will need to activate a new line of service under a qualifying rate plan. If you are interested in this offer, you can check out this page.

Source: PhoneArena