Leaked documents reveal T-Mobile offering up to $600 discount on Pixel 6 devices


T-Mobile is rolling out an unbeatable trade-in offer on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

According to leaked internal documents obtained by The T-Mo Report, T-Mo will be offering up to $600 off on a new Pixel 6 device starting tomorrow, January 13th. 

The promotion will be available for T-Mo customers on Magenta MAX or another premium plan (MAX/Plus line add-ons included). Once you meet this criteria, you can purchase the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro with $300 or $600 off on EIP along with a trade-in phone. 

But this isn’t limited to premium users. Customers on a non-premium plan can also get a trade-in discount on either Pixel device. However, the discount will only be half, which means $150 and $300. 

If you would like to take advantage of this trade-in offer, you can visit T-Mobile’s website to get more information. The full list of qualifying trade-in devices is available at The T-Mo Report along with their corresponding discount. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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  • Brenden M

    Pixel 6 is one of the worst Pixel phones ever.

    • pda96

      All Pixel phones are buggy and low in quality.

    • nappent

      I agree. I regret giving up my Samsung S20 for this Pixel 6 Pro. Will by going back to the S22 as soon as I can. Pixel is just a beta user for Android. It is very backwards.

  • George Salcedo

    Magenta Max deals are a joke, do better T-Mobile!

  • dcmanryan

    Jealous or not it’s fact. Pixel phones are junk and will break and 100% you need to buy some form of insurance or be ready to have a brick you’re still paying for.

    • Mark Mehdi Jahansouz

      iPhone fanboy!! Are we?

  • T-Mo will be offering up to $600 off on a new Pixel 6

  • But this isn’t limited to premium users