T-Mobile unveils two new offers for 2021 holiday season


T-Mobile will be launching a new buy a line, get a line offer today. In addition to this new offer, T-Mobile has brought back one of its iPhone promotions. 

Buy a Line, Get a Line Offer

Starting today, anyone with more than two voice lines can add a voice line and get another for free. This is suitable for the most popular plans offered by the Un-Carrier, such as Essentials, Magenta, Magenta MAX, and Simple Choice.

iPhone Offer

The other announcement that T-Mobile made today is that it has brought back its iPhone offer. 

To be more specific, you can get a free Apple bundle consisting of an iPhone 13 Pro, AirPods, and Apple TV+. 

The good thing about this offer is that it is available to new and existing customers. You can learn more about it when T-Mobile makes an official announcement. 


Source: T-Mobile

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  • noksucow

    It sucks that all these deals require adding a new line. How many lines do people have by now?!

    • Brad C

      Pumps subscriber numbers = makes investors happy to artificially inflate the stock price.. T-Mobile is a publicly traded company and has to sadly act as such now sadly.. I miss the old T-Mobile, but that’s sadly long gone now.

    • bitguru

      And they require a trade-in. I have phones that I wouldn’t mind trading in, but they are too old from T-Mobile’s point of view. I suppose my family keeps phones longer than T-Mobile expects.

      I really would like to buy a new phone as an existing customer, with no trade-in newer than an iPhone8, without paying full price. But I know of no way to do that so far.

      • SirStephenH

        They would have gotten us to ditch our Simple Choice Unlimited plan to get in on the OnePlus deal a month or two ago but our phones were a few months too old for a trade-in in T-Mobile’s eyes.

  • Trevnerdio

    Dang, more iPhone deals? Hoping we get some Samsung or Pixel deals going eventually, at least

    • Brad C

      Do not worry, Samsung will sponsor a deal again… likely about the time the FE comes out…

  • Ugh Isheep offers

    • Brad C

      iSheep… *yawns* groundbreaking insult there

      • NirroT

        Still applies

  • Mike Thaler

    TM, historically, is like you keep existing plans forever. That didn’t mean much in the years where prices were dropping. Now that they have been going up, it’s great to hang onto them. I would add more lines to our existing plan if I could. No can do. We have eight lines for under $190/month. That’s mainly because we are all users of small amounts of data.

    • dcmanryan

      Are you on the One plan? You can add more lines if your call and them move you to the 9-12 line plan. Do you have any free lines? If your so I promise you your bill will also drop as the 9-12 lines One plan gets a $30 line credit for free lines.

  • krisstofer

    Question.. I added a new line last Aug in our family of 6 lines, Can I drop that line then get this promo “buy a line and get another for free”? Will I get charged of any fee or something if I cancelled that line?

    • Andrew

      You typically cannot have canceled a line in the last 90 days

      • krisstofer

        oh okay..thanks for letting me know.