Leak reveals T-Mobile will offer new Home Internet promotion to targeted customers


Because of how successful the public has accepted T-Mobile’s Home Internet service, the Un-Carrier is planning to unveil a new incentive promotion soon. 

The T-Mo Report recently shared a leaked document detailing the new promotion incentive. Customers who sign up for the plan can enjoy the promotion, called 2021 HINT P9. Through this promotion, targeted customers can get a $150 virtual prepaid card when they use the service for a minimum of 60 days. 

According to the document, both new and current customers and T-Mobile for Business customers are eligible for the promotion. Even though the document says that customers will be “targeted,” it likely means that the promotion will be offered to customers in select markets. 

If you sign up for the service, you will receive a redeemable promo code within 30 days. And once the service has been maintained for a total of 60 consecutive days, you will get a virtual prepaid card worth $150. 

Customers who cancelled the service in the last 90 days are no longer eligible for this promotion. According to the report, the offer will start on December 3rd. If you are one of the targeted customers, you should receive a text from T-Mobile. Right now, there’s no word on how the Un-carrier chooses customers it will target. But you can keep an eye out for a text from the Un-carrier.


Source: The T-Mo Report

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