T-Mobile tops latest 5G network study… again


T-Mobile has once again topped the findings of an independent research firm as the carrier with the fastest 5G speeds and greatest 5G availability. And this seems to be supported by a second report that said T-Mobile has a “commanding lead in 5G.”

The first report comes from umlaut, which examined the 5G performance of carriers in four major markets: Norfolk, VA; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; and San Bernardino and Riverside, CA. According to the report, T-Mobile’s 5G download speeds had an average of over 200Mbps and its users were able to connect to 5G 95% of the time. 

PCMag’s Fastest Mobile Networks is the source of the second report, which named T-Mobile as the winner of the fastest 5G speeds in the country back in August. The study traveled over 10,000 miles to survey 30 major metro areas and 6 rural regions. T-Mobile topped the survey in 24 cities and 2 rural regions. Its competitors only earned 8 (AT&T) and 2 (Verizon) recognitions in these areas. 

PCMag’s takeaway from the study revealed that T-Mo has the fastest average 5G download and upload speeds; and also has the greatest 5G availability. They also shared that “5G availability from the other carriers doesn’t really matter — yet.” 

The study also found that T-Mobile’s range and capacity will continue to grow as it builds and adds more equipment. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon “will need to hustle to catch up.”

You can read more about the results of the study here.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • SteelRiderCarl

    If T-Mobile is at the top, everybody else must be so bad that they’re unserviceable literally everywhere.

    • slybacon

      They are.

  • Bob B.

    Where I live, I am testing as high as 750 Mbps on my T-Mo 5G download speeds.

    • Me too at home 500mbps and in other areas in my city 700mbps on a good day

    • Acdc1a

      I don’t get that much but in a pretty rural area 5G is regularly getting me 100 compared to LTE which would go that high at 3 in the morning.

    • slybacon

      Same. I can usually find >600 Mbps at work and home and I average about 150Mbps download all over northern Utah.

  • DuckDuckGoose

    T-Mo has made good gains. I am just waiting for them to add a new tower on my route to work. Very spotty/no coverage area

  • Glenn Gore

    Based on what I am seeing on T-Mobile’s coverage maps of where they have deployed their N41 Sprint spectrum, it would not improve things here at all if they upgraded our local T-Mobile site. The nearest sites to our town are 6 and 10 miles away and the N41 signal at other locations where it has been installed only reaches out about a mile or two from the tower according to the maps. So I guess we will never see anything better here in town than the 1-bar Band 71 5G.