T-Mobile starts requiring vaccinated staff to return to the office


A few days ago, we received a report from a T-Mobile employee who complained about the Un-Carrier requiring them to head back to work from the office. The anonymous tip told us that the rule is being required for vaccinated staff. Meanwhile, unvaccinated staff still have until Oct. 25th to get vaccinated. 

Today, a new report from Fierce Wireless details the company’s current vaccination policy. According to the report, T-Mobile clarified the rule and shared that it “isn’t a vaccine mandate.” The policy is only applicable to T-Mo’s office spaces. 

This is their statement:

“We want to create a safe workspace for our office employees to collaborate and work together, so effective September 1, our corporate offices will only be open to those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, through at least March 1, 2022. As we are highly encouraging employees to get vaccinated and realize some may need more time for that, we have shifted our required return to the office date out to October 25 — but hope our employees will be back in the office sooner.

This isn’t a vaccine mandate – it is about our office spaces only. Employees of course make their own health choices, and can request to continue to work remotely during this timeframe, which will be approved based on their role and circumstances. 

This workspace policy applies to badge-controlled office locations only, including our Customer Experience Centers (customer service locations), due to the high density of employees in our offices. It does not apply to our open-to-the-public retail locations, where we continue to encourage vaccination and require employees and guests to wear masks if unvaccinated.”

Our source, however, shared his concern about the rising Covid cases and that the existing “vaccines are only 60% effective against the Delta variant.” He also expressed concerns about the back office environment turning into “a high-school cafeteria style seating,” which means everyone is exposed to each other’s germs. 

Hopefully, T-Mobile addresses the concern of the employee and gives them security that they will be safe when they head back to the office. 


Source: Fierce Wireless, Anonymous tip