Volkswagen giving drivers choice to add T-Mobile Wi-Fi to their vehicle


German vehicle manufacturer, Volkswagen, made an important announcement today that involved T-Mobile. The announcement seems to be really good news for anyone planning to purchase a car in the future. 

According to the announcement, Volkswagen will be giving its customers an option to choose T-Mobile when adding vehicle Wi-Fi. In doing so, drivers will be able to stay connected to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE while driving through North America. 

Once T-Mobile is selected, his passengers can enjoy unlimited 4G LTE data in the US via the Wi-Fi hotspot. And in Canada and Mexico, they can enjoy 5GB of data per month. Meanwhile, the driver can get real-time navigation, intuitive voice commands, and other features via the network. 

“T-Mobile continues to develop innovative services for the automotive industry combined with award winning support that our customers love. Working together with VW, our customers can easily add their in-car Wi-Fi hotspot to their T-Mobile account for a seamless connected experience,” T-Mobile for Business’ Head of Automotive, Gari Martin said. “More and more people are choosing T-Mobile and we are delighted that VW owners can enjoy our network.”

Volkswagen shares that this Carrier of Choice will be offered for its model year 2020 and forward vehicles equipped with Volkswagen Car-Net, which will start in late September. 

If you are an existing T-Mobile customer and you wish to add your Volkswagen vehicle to your account, you can have this set up with an unlimited T-Mobile plan for $20/month. New customers can also do the same option. Taxes and fees have not yet been included. You can learn more about this here


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  • Trevnerdio

    I know car tech tends to lag way behind current tech…but dang, not even a low-band 5G option? Really limiting our choices out here.

    Regardless though, cool news! Great to finally see something other than VZW and AT&T

    • marque2

      I just do hot spot tethering off the phone for in car wifi. It is not like the car wifi will get signal better than the phone. Of course you need a plan that does not throttle to 3g speeds.

      • Trevnerdio

        Sometimes the car does get better signal, because of the higher gain antennas they use. For quality though? Lol it’s garbage. I have Verizon in my 2013 Camaro and making a call via OnStar is painful and totally garbled.

  • I just use the Sync Up drive.. added for free just paying for more data