T-Mobile giving free talk, text, and unlimited data to Hurricane Ida victims


As Hurricane Ida continues to wreak havoc over New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region, T-Mobile has released a statement in response to the power outages. T-Mobile shared that their network is around 70% operational across Alabama and Louisiana after the hurricane hit over the weekend. 

Despite having resumed operations in these areas, some customers may continue to experience intermittent impacts to their voice, text, and data service. But T-Mobile assures the public that their first responders and utilities are already assessing the damage caused by the storm. 

T-Mobile already deployed their engineering teams with generators, temporary network solutions like Cells on Wheels (COWs), Cells on Light Trucks (COLTs) satellite infrastructure, small cells, WiFi hotspots, Mobile Command Trailers, and many more. These are all aimed at minimizing interruptions for customers. 

If you are unable to make a call, you can get help via text or WiFi Calling (with a working WiFi connection, of course). You can get more details about WiFi Calling here.

As a way of helping its customers during this difficult time, T-Mobile is offering free talk, text, and unlimited data for T-Mobile, Sprint consumer and business customers, and T-Mobile Prepaid customers who are not on unlimited plans. The offer is available to customers in select parts of Louisiana and Mississippi except Sprint business Enterprise and Government accounts. The offer is available until September 3rd.

You can stay updated to T-Mobile’s response here


Source: T-Mobile

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  • marque2

    I wonder how TMobile service is in South-Eastern Louisiana right now. Probably not very good.

    • Trevnerdio

      T-Mobile was great during Michael in Panama City. They either didn’t lose coverage, or had a very brief downtime. Verizon was out for at least 2 weeks or so.

      • marque2

        I don’t think they are that up in New Orleans. And the bigger issue is advertising “free” service even though customers get those services bundled free anyway.

        Seems like a cynical ploy for attention rather than actual good will.

  • aLdo

    Only until the 3rd ? You guys are cheap as hell. They may not have power for at least 2 weeks and you gave like 3 free days ? least you do is offer a free month ! Especially after your crappy security go hacked its the LEAST you could do for the victims over there !

    • Ben

      I wonder how the people will keep their phones charged if they don’t have power for two weeks.

      • Austin8480

        I have read that most carriers in a situation like this send mobile units with generators to help with the victims. Not exactly sure how or what they use, but at this point, anything works.

        • marque2

          Mobile units of what – cell towers? I don’t think they are giving people personal chargers.

        • Austin8480

          If you go back to about this same time last year with Hurricane Laura, T-Mobile had mobile command vehicles that provided wifi and charging stations. I can only assume they are doing the same thing here.

    • Austin8480

      So this cheap as hell company is offering free talk, text and data, correct? Let me ask you. Whats Verizon and AT&T doing for the victims right now? Absolutely nothing. It may not be a lot, but at least T-Mobile is doing something. And what does the security have to do with this offer? Seems to me someone is jealous cause they don’t get free service.

      • marque2

        I am not sure this promotion does anything though:

        1: From what I have read there is almost no (if any) cell service in New Orleans right now from any carrier. How would anyone text out or call out?

        2:Also as someone pointed out below after about a day the cell phones will be discharged, and there is no power to bring them back on. Most phones are dead by now.

        3: What T-mobile plans (or AT&T and Verizon for that matter) still have limits on talk and text? Those are some really old plans. Definitely not Magenta, or One, or the Simple Plan from the last 10 years or so. I suppose MNVO’s? Who knows.

        4: What will I do with unlimited data, with a dead phone, and no power to other devices I might tether to?

        Seems like the promotion is a publicity stunt.