T-Mobile quietly increases Home Internet price for new customers


It looks like T-Mobile has quietly raised the prices of its Home Internet service this week to new customers. 

Prior to this discovery, the monthly flat rate of the service was at $50 per month. But now, T-Mo is charging $60 per month for new customers to enjoy fast internet speeds over T-Mo’s 4G and 5G networks. The price continues to include equipment, taxes and fees. But you will need to set up automatic payments to enjoy the service.

According to a spokesperson, the company has “made significant improvements” to the service “including network performance, equipment and customer service.” With these improvements, the new price “reflects the value.”

Upon testing, the Un-Carrier’s Home internet service had a download speed of up to 145Mbps and up to 80Mbps upload speed. Considering this is a pilot program, the speeds experienced a drop to as low as 15Mbps for downloads and 8Mbps for uploads.

T-Mobile says that the “vast majority of our customers experience speeds of 25Mbps or more.” The carrier, however, warned that since the service is “relatively new”, speeds may vary. But the good thing is that the Home Internet service does not have a data cap unlike some cable providers. 


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  • Shaun Michalak

    $60?? I think they are pushing it for that price.. Especially since it is a single location device, not a standard hotspot that you can take anywhere. Here is what my local fiber provider is charging.. and there is no taxes on internet where I live either.

    300 Mbps
    300 Mbps Download
    300 Mbps Upload
    Package Includes:
    VNET Smart WiFi

    • monkeysoup

      Consider yourself lucky. I pay $75.06 monthly for a best-case scenario of 25 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up, and some of my friends have it much worse where they live. $60 for T-Mobile is a great value for me, and I can’t wait for them to market in my area.

      BTW, they are not marketing or competing with hotspot plans. They are very clearly competing with home-based internet plans.

      • Definitely just described my area. Before TMO pilot became available, there was only one ISP servicing the area ー a broadband provider charging $100/mo for 5mbps down and 1 up, with many users reporting those speeds being optimistic and an annual contract to boot. Signed up for TMO the moment it was available and never looked back.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I never realized how bad the internet was, and how bad speeds and prices were through out the country.. Here we have Fiber, which I already mentioned.. and Spectrum, which is 100 meg down for $70 ($5 more for wifi)..

        • Yeah, it’s insane. If I drive just 10 mi south, there’s at least 4 different ISPs. I was pretty surprised when I moved here that the competition is non-existent in spite of close proximity to a major city.

          It’s eye-opening how neglected even these slightly more rural areas can be (definitely not farmland here, just small town a stone’s throw from a metropolitan area).

        • Shaun Michalak

          I have a friend in the same position.. He tried to get Spectrum to install to his parents house.. not rural area, but not city either.. and they told him that if he wanted it installed, he would have to pay them to run the line to the house.. $5,000 dollars.. and then still had to pay for the service on top of it.. He said screw that.. So she was stuck with DSL from Verizon because of it..

    • Koolme666

      300 download and upload for 60 dollars is really good… What do you mean

      • Shaun Michalak

        I mean, those are the prices here.. But T-Mobile wants the same prices for home internet off of their cell towers.. and I highly doubt anyone is getting even close to that off of their 4G service.. So I would think that with less service, a lower price would be better.. I could go with the $50 with no problem though..

    • marque2

      Yeah that is pretty excellent pricing I get 100Mb/s down (though it is really about 120) and 10 (really 11) for $84 a month. Tmobile would actually be competitive where I live, especially since the phone company (AT&T) gave up the neighborhood and refuses to upgrade the 756kb/s DSL (yes that is kb/s for $29.99 a month)

      • Shaun Michalak

        Verizon is like that here.. The best you can get from them is DSL.. When we had that, 768k was the best I could get.. A local company started doing fiber here because Verizon refused to upgrade anything..

        • marque2

          AT&T always advertises their fiber, but they refuse to upgrade my neighborhood. I can see, if there isn’t worth the costs – though I live in a fairly dense community, it isn’t farmville that they don’t want to do it. So if Tmobile wants to come in and provide competition, I am all for it. I might join “just because” even if the service is a bit worse, just to help support a competitor.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I said the same thing about Spectrum.. I actually dropped Spectrum a while back and went to a service with a hotspot because I was not using enough to make it worth while for paying for it.. Lets put it this way.. When you have the lowest plan available, and you can download a full months worth of data in about 1 hour.. That is not a lot of data.. I called up and said something about it, and they refused to budge.. So I looked around, bought the service and hotspot, and then called up to Spectrum the following month and told them to turn it off.. Funny how when I first talked to someone, they said that they could not offer anything.. Then, suddenly they could when I went from “give me something better or I will.. ” to “Just shut it off”..

          The sad part is, after I told them to shut it off, they tried to get me to sign up for their TV service (which I had none) that was an online only service.. I just sat back and thought.. just how stupid are these people.. You are offering me a service that you do not know I even have a way to use?? No internet, but please sign up for this service that you only can use through the internet.. It almost seemed like they were working on commission or something, and will do anything for a sale.

    • Gabe1972

      That’s fantastic. You’re lucky. For me, T-Mobile Home Internet is a godsend.

      • Shaun Michalak

        I could actually see this as a good thing in rural areas, since most of them have to rely on DSL or Satellite for service.. and satellite is not cheap.. So for them, I would say it is good.. But for people in main cities, I did not think it was that great.. That was, until I started reading how bad it is in a lot of places.. I guess it all just depends on where you live..

  • Jose Hernandez

    As someone who had this service until today, all I can say is stay away from it! I’ve had this since November, it started working just fine, average of 25-50 mbps download, upload was 20-30. However, as more people started to join the tower’s in my area became congested and since home internet access gets slowed down if the tower’s are under heavy use, for the past 2weeks our speeds have gone down to .76mbps downloads. Their phone number always has a 2 hour wait time and there is nothing they can do to improve the service, at least not for the foreseeable future. I had to do the unthinkable and have Comcast schedule for installation tomorrow. I’m currently working from home and need reliable internet service. So if there is a chance your area will be congested, good luck and God help you, because Tmobile will not.

    • Rolando Sanchez

      My service is working perfectly but some streaming issues

      • Service has been perfect for me for over 6 months as well. I depend on it for work while also enjoying streaming in the evenings. If I started having issues, I’d probably switch to Starlink (recently became available for me), but TMO is doing just fine for now. Glad the price increase is for new customers only.

      • dcmanryan

        So it’s not working perfect then if there’s streaming issues. The word perfect should never be followed with but.

        • Rolando Sanchez

          I believe a VPN service will fixed that problem

      • Jose Hernandez

        This is how it started with us, them it kept getting worse and worse.

        • Rolando Sanchez

          That’s not good

    • Iphart

      This is intended mostly for people in the rural area.
      If you have Comcast available to you (no matter how expensive or bad they are!), you shouldn’t have even bother to this.

      • Jose Hernandez

        I leave in a rural area, but happen to have access to Comcast service, I just wanted to try this out and see if it worked good for the price, unfortunately that is no longer the case, so I will stick with Comcast from now on.

    • marque2

      I don’t think that Tmobile could support considerable home internet in my neighborhood either, but we have had problems with our COX cable internet and the Tmobile tethering sure came in handy when the cable company was failing us. I had a wife and two kids all zooming, while I did skype with my work. We used separate phones but it worked out quite well. In the last 2 months or so the COX has gotten better, but I still appreciate the Tmobile back up.

  • Willie D

    More like, customers are smart and NOT signing up for their crap home internet considering the network is crap right now. No one wants 1mbps 5G at home. So TMo sees less adoption meaning they gotta jack up prices to offset the equipment and marketing for this failed product. I mean am I the only one seeing this.

    • marque2

      Based on my phone speeds, My Tmobile account should support the same experience as my COX cable internet. I don’t know if they have the backhaul to support many people on Internet in my neighborhood however.

    • Gabe1972

      On the social media sites I frequent I have yet to see speeds that low from anyone on this service. The speeds I’ve seen from people range from 20Mbps to 180Mbps. Some, like me, can’t even get 5G, but the 4G LTE works just fine.

      • Ron Mart

        Lol I get 2mgbs to none in san diego so not sure about your statememt.And i have new router.

  • John2510

    “…the Home Internet service does not have a data cap…”

    That can be quite misleading, as most carriers throttle you down at some point, usually to an unusable speed.

    My “unlmited” Viasat coverage dropped from ~25Mbps to .07 Mbps last night when I hit my 60Gb threshold (which costs $150/mo, BTW).

    The FCC (or Congress) needs to require transparency on actual average speeds, both before and after any throttling.

    They should also disallow companies from taking on more consumers if they can’t provide the bandwidth they’ve been advertising.

    Another trick they use is advertising “up to” a certain speed. I took that to mean that it could handle any output that was coming to me up to that speed. Nope. It means they’ll give you whatever speed they want at the moment, but it won’t be higher.

    • Jose Hernandez

      OMG, that much money!? and that is what happened in my case, speeds that slow are not usable at all.

    • dcmanryan

      You must really live out in the sticks paying that much. Wow.

    • Bruce

      There is no throttling on data caps. But home internet is the lowest prioritization and if the network is congested around where you live your speeds are going to drop.

    • Gabe1972

      I used a little over 300GB in Jan and a little over 200GB last month. No throttling.

  • Vin

    In Cincinnati area, I have spectrum 50MBPS. Price 34.99 a month for 2 years.I rarely have less than 50 MBPS at any given time. So at the present I’ll stay where I’m at. I do have T-Mobile cell service and I stay with that.

  • PaulNotBunyan

    Try it to see if it will work for your location. Works great for me although it is not available at all for a friend who lives about 3 miles away.

    It’s giving me 127.8 Mbps download, 21.0 Mbps upload at 14:37 on a weekday. I have had it since November. Using about 1.5 TB a month. Lots of 4K movies so far. I am free to cancel at anytime so I’m not worried about the service worsening. I could just go back to paying the cable company $105/month instead of paying Tmo $50/month. I’m sure the cable company would give me a a free install and a “welcome back” discount for the first year or more.

  • Jeremiah

    I was seriously considering getting this, but now with the price increase, the incentive has been severely decreased.

    • Construction_Contracts

      $10/m changed your mind? Then you do not really need it like many of us do.

  • FBPhilly

    I’ll better stay with Verizon Fios for home internet.
    Their lowest package is 200mbps up and 200mbps down for 40 a month. What I actually receive is 310mbp up and 310mbps down.

  • Gabe1972

    Though I don’t get great speeds, it’s still much better than the satellite internet that I had. I get about ~20Mbps download on average, but because I don’t download large files very often it’s fine for me. It’s good enough for my needs, and cheaper than what I had too.

  • Rick Dean

    $50 a month was interesting. $60 is not interesting. It’s only a few bucks less than I pay for Charter, which gives me speeds twice as fast as TMO and with no network congestion. And jumping up the price so quickly reminds me of Charter. So I’ll pitch the ad for $50 internet in the trash and stay with Charter.

    • Construction_Contracts

      The service was never intended for you anyways. It was always for those who may have not had an option – not for someone paying $50/m for 200+Mbs.

      • Rick Dean

        The service is targeted at me if they put advertisements in my mailbox and send me unsolicited emails advertising the service. T-Mobile doesn’t run a charity and they are targeting their service to whoever chooses to sign up, just as they target their mobile phone service.

  • Scott Schofield

    Got in just before the hike. Live in Fort Myers, Florida. Not rural, by a stretch, but only option is Comca$t. 25Mbs was almost $80/mo. The TMo is 225Mbs and very little fluctuation in speed. Initial connection is a fraction more, but for the money, I’ll take it.

  • Philip

    My parent live out in the rural and her cable modem service is bad. She got 4G or maybe 5G coverage. I wonders if this will be good for her. Can it connect to my own router?