T-Mobile quietly increases Home Internet price for new customers


It looks like T-Mobile has quietly raised the prices of its Home Internet service this week to new customers. 

Prior to this discovery, the monthly flat rate of the service was at $50 per month. But now, T-Mo is charging $60 per month for new customers to enjoy fast internet speeds over T-Mo’s 4G and 5G networks. The price continues to include equipment, taxes and fees. But you will need to set up automatic payments to enjoy the service.

According to a spokesperson, the company has “made significant improvements” to the service “including network performance, equipment and customer service.” With these improvements, the new price “reflects the value.”

Upon testing, the Un-Carrier’s Home internet service had a download speed of up to 145Mbps and up to 80Mbps upload speed. Considering this is a pilot program, the speeds experienced a drop to as low as 15Mbps for downloads and 8Mbps for uploads.

T-Mobile says that the “vast majority of our customers experience speeds of 25Mbps or more.” The carrier, however, warned that since the service is “relatively new”, speeds may vary. But the good thing is that the Home Internet service does not have a data cap unlike some cable providers. 


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