T-Mobile releases software update for OnePlus 8T 5G and Samsung Galaxy S20


It looks like T-Mobile has released a new software update for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 8T 5G.

A couple of our readers sent us some tips that they received a software update for their devices. Upon checking the link on the update page of the Galaxy S20, it looks like the update was for the Android 11 OS with security patch level 2020-12-01 released yesterday and with versions G988USQS1CTL1/ G988UOYN1CTL1/ G988USQS1CTL1. The size of the update is 241.16MB. 

The Samsung update page shows that the security of the device has been improved. It is said to include device stability improvements and bug fixes. It also comes with new and/or enhanced features and improvements for better performance. 

Prior to this update, the device received an upgrade to One UI 3 with several improvements. 

Did you receive an update to either device today?


Thanks, Jonathan and Chris!

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  • Mickey T

    Anyone know when they are going to update the OP8 to android 11?

    • Mike Taylor

      When hell freezes over.

      • Keith Stevens

        What he said…

    • marque2

      There already is a stable release of OxygenOS 11 for your phone. You need to manually install it, plenty of websites explaining how.

  • Joe

    I got the update this morning. I don’t notice any difference.

  • Keith Stevens

    Meanwhile my $900 7t Pro McLaren sits here with not even a security update for 3 months now. Android 11 nowhere in sight. Very disappointed in Oneplus lately.

    • marque2

      I hear you can trade it in for half price on a One plus 8

    • Glenn Gore

      Right, the Android update for the McLaren was promised to come out by the end of December. T-Mobile has had months to “test” it and modify all the crapware and bloatware they include in their version of this phone. I guess they have till midnight to make that deadline but I am not holding my breath, it’s just another example of the horrific situation with Android OS updates. It is still just a total mess and Google’s Treble program has been a total failure as well.

      • marque2

        One is doesn’t t use Android, they never did. They already have a stable version of OxygenOS which for the 8 which you can download and install yourself – plenty of sites with instructions.

        The 7 doesn’t have an OxygenOS 11 built for it yet.

        • Glenn Gore

          OxygenOS is a derivative of Android, a skin or modification if you will that OnePlus and T-Mobile have to “test” and add in their crapware and bloatware each time a new version comes out, just like all the other phone makers do with regular Android. And this causes delays in getting versions of Android and those derivatives out to users instead of day/date to all supported devices as is the case with iOS.

          Google tried to remedy this situation with the Treble program, but that has not worked. None of their efforts at attacking Android fragmentation have worked. Hence the user above who noted that his phone has not seen a Google Treble security update in 3 months.

          As far as unofficial versions go, a user should not have to hack their phone and install a version of an OS from some unofficial, unknown, or shady site in order to have the latest version of the software and enjoy the personal and privacy protections that new version might provide. The unofficial version might not even have those new protections in it, the user has no assurance that they do.

        • marque2

          Google’s treble program would not help. One Plus purposely chose CyanogenMod and later OxygenOS so they wouldn’t have a contractual obligation/payments to Google (Alphabet). OP will need to develop their own program for rapid upgrade.

          That said, both CyanogenMod and OxygenOS are designed to be easily user upgradeable on the one plus phones when the upgrades are ready. After an embarrassing blunder OxygenOS 11 in a stable form (again) is available for one plus 8 variants and it has only been available a few weeks. Not time to blame tmobile just yet. And if you are in a hurry download it yourself without waiting for Tmobile. It is not that hard to update yourself on that particular phone.

        • Glenn Gore

          I tinkered plenty with CyanogenMod back in the day, and though it was not too difficult to install, it was not something the average user would or should do, as the opportunity to brick your device is a definite risk. I did it a couple times. Messing with the command line or hacking your bootloader is definitely not “average user” stuff.

          CM was fun to play with, but it eventually went away, sadly. Official updates, delivered on a timely, dependable basis to ALL devices at nearly the same time is something that the Android ecosystem is totally incapable of, and it puts users at risk of their personal information and personal security being compromised because of this lack of timely updates. If you want your phone to have the latest security and privacy updates you should just accept the fact that you will have to buy a new phone every year and live with that. Otherwise, you might get one OS update, and a couple of Treble updates and that’s it.

        • shawn murray

          First of all there is not much bloatware on OnePlus phones with T-Mobile barely any. It is taking a little while because there is no auction OS 11 Android 11 or OnePlus 7 Series yet which is the McLaren is part of. It’s getting at least a screw updates it looks like they’re a month behind which is there always are. OnePlus does buy a monthly updates. OnePlus themselves said they were hoping to have the auction OS 11 for 1 + 7 series by December but they didn’t say it was a definite date. They have to test it they’re doing their beta program first once it’s stable they’ll push out to their regular users they’ll be giving it to T-Mobile as well. And then we’ll get it usually about a month after the stable version or at the same time. OnePlus and T-Mobile have actually been pretty good. And that the update is out there for November that’s good that’s still within there by monthly updates they’re usually about a month behind the updates for Android. They haven’t gone good enough to be at monthly updates yet where they come out with the update 3 weeks after it’s out. There was even a time where I was getting an update every month. So actually T-Mobile has been pretty good.

        • Brian

          You really aren’t missing much TBH. My son has the OP8T, not the TMO version, and you can’t tell any difference in daily use. The Android 11 update didn’t really add much.

        • shawn murray

          You got that wrong it does use Android it is auction OS 11 or auction OS 10 based on Android. It’s the same thing with Samsung they use the one UI and what’s called twitch software or which was a twitch or Samsung TouchWiz before it became the one UI which is based on Android it’s on top of Android in the US and the rest of the world it’s called auction or what’s 11. In China it’s hydrogen OS because it cannot use Google services.

          So yes it is literally Android with the skin very very very light that’s why I love OnePlus and they’re pretty good at updates thank you for letting us know that the membership matches out I’m assuming we’ll get Android 11 by the stable version of Series 7 probably by end of January

    • kanakamaoli

      i updated today on my OP7tpro 5G mc.
      it has the Nov security patch. and a couple other bug fixes it said

  • Ben

    Anyone else received a text message notification regarding a data breach?

  • Chris Costello

    I’m looking at replacing my S10. I might get a S21 or a (Tmobile version) 8T. Are the updates as slow with the 8T as it sounds? Its crazy to think Samsung has more support