T-Mobile Galaxy Note 20 Ultra update brings improved camera performance, security patches


A new update for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has started rolling out today.

The new Note 20 Ultra update is version N986USQU1ATI5 and comes in at 391.78MB. T-Mobile says that it brings improved camera image quality in dark areas as well as better speaker noise. The September 2020 security patches are in there, too, as well as “additional updates and improvements”.

Samsung’s changelog also mentions improvements to the stability of the Clipboard and Samsung Internet.

This update is now rolling out over the air, and several TmoNews readers have gotten it already. I haven’t found any reports of a new update for the Note 20, and neither T-Mobile nor Samsung make any mention of a new update for the non-Ultra Note 20.

If you’ve got a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and haven’t yet updated, head into the Settings app and tap on “Software update” followed by “Download updates manually” to check for it now.

Thanks Terrence, Rove, Jose, Aaron, and Brent!


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  • Mike

    Update did not enable SA 5G with it. I was half expecting it to come with this one.

    • ggfb20

      I thought it was supposed to be included in this update? That’s the main reason I was looking forward to it in the first place.

      • Fvck Haters

        Just got the Note 20 Ultra, can you enlighten me on SA?

        • Axel I

          See my post just above.

        • ggfb20

          According to Ibasis, The “real” 5G deployment is Stand Alone (SA) because it brings all possible use cases to the 5G mobile network, such as high throughput, low latency communications, massive IoT, network slicing, etc.

    • marque2

      How can you tell if SA 5G is working? Or are you just looking at the update log?

      • Axel I

        *#0011# tells you everything you need to know on Samsung phones. 5G NSA is over LTE radio so you gain very little, if anything, on throughput or latencies. 5G SA will be New Radio (NR). This is a game changer as it will bring Wireless data access closer to Wireline in terms of user experience.

      • Greg Victor

        *#2263# can show if 5G SA is enabled.

        • marque2

          Thanks, I have an LG, I will have to look and see if there is some similar code I can use. There seem to be a billion of these USSD codes to sort through.

    • Release notes from August 21 upgrade includes “Improved call icon display in 5G SA.” But I don’t quite know other than that how to tell, and not sure what the service mode display is telling me.

      That having been said, I have been very disappointed in 5G performance.

  • Greg Victor

    Sucks that TMobile is waiting to enable SA.

    • dboyrusky

      Just check mine. No SA enabled. Sucks :(

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    Does anyone know what the camera improvements are?

  • Fred Harrison

    I can say that the camera performance has improved as well as being able shot pics of the moon. It actually filters out the external light and allows it to focus on the moon.

  • Cui

    Hi all, I just bought a TMobile Note 20 Ultra a few days ago directly from Samsung with the August Security update. Every time I tried to update to the September security update, the phone keeps telling me the phone software is up to date. Is there a fix for this?