T-Mobile customers can get a free Whopper and order of french fries next Tuesday


The Whopper is making a return to T-Mobile Tuesdays next week and it’s bringing a side with it.

Next Tuesday, June 16, T-Mobile customers can get a free Whopper and small order of french fries from Burger King. Like some other recent free food offers we’ve seen in T-Mobile Tuesdays, this one includes a minimum purchase, but for this deal you’ll just have to spend $1 or more to get your free Whopper and fries.

Also coming next Tuesday is a deal from Walgreens that’ll get you 10 free 4×6 photo prints. There will be a couple deals for folksĀ planning a vacation, too: Up to 40% off hotels from Booking.com and up to 40% off prepaid rental cars from Rentalcars.com.

Rounding out next week’s batch of deals is a Shell offer that’ll get you a discount of $0.10 per gallon of gas.

If you don’t have T-Mobile Tuesdays installed on your device, you can grab the Android app here and you can find the iOS app here.



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  • MaconSouthernGent

    We got a whopper this morning when I looked on the news. T Mobile is against free speech because of something someone on Fox News said. T Mobile is jumping in and becoming a political activist on these black lives matter and if your opinion differs from T Mobile’s sanctioned from God opinion, you’re in the wrong. Boycott T Mobile!

    • Mike Thaler

      SouthernGent –
      Your statement supports what my father often said “We should have let the south secede (after freeing the slaves) – then we could have milked them like we have done w. other 3rd world countries.”

  • Ahsanur Choudhury

    Will this work for the impossible whopper?


    Oooo boy

    I bet all you unemployment check collectors are THRILLED to get some more free stuff

    Some cholesterol with a heaping side of heart disease and obesity

  • TheTruthIsOutThere

    Mobile orders with these specials tends to magically not show up in the order system at the local Burger King…

  • Daniel

    T-mobile needs to stop this offer – it is a huge hassle to redeem. I had to jump through hoops just to do it then when I get to Burger King I showed them the offer coupon on my completed order and it said – I whopper, 1 smalls fries and 1 small drink and the black lady manager sat there holding up traffic and refused to offer it and give me the free drink.

    It explicitly said on the offer redemption I was to get a complete meal. If BK messed up and shouldn’t have put the free drink as part of the offer redemption that’s their problem but this idiot should have simply given me the drink as it was obviously stated there in black and white for her to read. Instead i got the sassy black girl treatment and telling me what a superior little bitch she was as a manager at BK and I shot back and i told her “hey i have a brain ma’am – this is SIMPLE. Give me my free drink as stated”, I held things up in that line for 15 minutes and the people in line behind me were honking. I will be charging this back on my credit card out of principal. They will lose the little I paid and they will get about a 20-30 dollar charge back fee!

    I ask T-mobile to reconsider this whole deal with BK. Its already difficult enough redeeming the offer then there is the above. This doesn’t look good for T-Mobile Tuesday.