T-Mobile upgrading more Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data


Earlier this year, T-Mobile upgraded some customers on Simple Choice plans to unlimited high-speed smartphone data for no extra charge. Now T-Mo is making another round of upgrades.

Some T-Mobile customers are receiving a text from T-Mo telling them that their voice lines are being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data for no extra charge. TmoNews reader Dong got the text message today, and several Reddit users have gotten the same message.


With this promotion, all existing voice lines on an account that aren’t already unlimited data lines will receive unlimited smartphone data. The upgrade is only for voice lines, meaning any tablet or smartwatch lines you might have will remain unchanged. You’ll continue to receive high-speed tethering at the same allotment as before the upgrade, so if you had 6GB of high-speed tethering data before, you’ll continue to receive that amount. You’ll keep using your limited high-speed data allotment in Canada and Mexico, too.

If you agree to this upgrade, your Data Stash will go away.

T-Mobile says that Simple Choice customers who receive this message will be upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data sometime between October 30th and November 30th. If you don’t want the upgrade, you can go to this page and fill out a form to opt out.

Getting an upgrade to unlimited high-speed smartphone data is a nice surprise for T-Mobile customers still rocking a Simple Choice plan, and it’s nice to see that the upgrades are continuing to roll out after some subscribers got upgraded earlier this year. These texts look like they’re still rolling out, so if you’re on a Simple Choice plan and you think you should be eligible for this upgrade, be on the lookout for a text from T-Mobile.

Thanks, Dong!

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  • steveb944

    Still no luck here.

  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • Fan_Atl77

    Still waiting, And a Great gesture by Tmobile, thanks!

  • Pak T

    Hmmm, maybe I am just being cynical, but I kind of have to wonder what the catch is? Is this to kind of smooth us over for when they finally kill the Simple Choice plans and force everyone to the latest plans? Which would also include the large price bump for most of us? Or perhaps to pacify us over for a bit longer to soften us up, something like “we will give you a bill credit for the difference for the next two years”, where the price will finally be the full price and most people will figure they agreed to the two year bill credit and so it finally happened, and oh well.

    • Clearly

      -_- when have you ever seen Tmobile Forcefully move people to another plan.
      Simple Choice plans have been killed off for a couple of years now………you’re just being paranoid.

  • pseudoswede

    I opted out. I value Data Stash more than unlimited data since I rarely hit my 6gb limit.

    • gramps28

      So you passed on getting 50GB’s of unthrottled data per month because you value
      Data Stash that lets you save up to 20GB’s total ?

      • riverhorse

        Yep. I fail to understand the arithmetic logic used, and much less the conspiracy angle. Even for a tvholic it ends up as six vs a half dozen argument.
        My main line is at Metro and have hit over the decade 90ish gb multiple times thru different thresholds from 20 thru the present 35 gb…as have others on here as well….with never an adverse action. Let’s be real conservative-err safe spaced, and say that at over 100gb throttling comes into play. At 480p (2/3 gb hourly?) = 150+ hours monthly / 36+ hours weekly. That’s 4 hours each Mon-Fri, 8 hours each the weekend staring at a tablet( hopefully not casting 480p to a large computer screen or TV)– without wifi or tv… and not leaving much leftover time for any other life activity.

        Now, if BingeOn was at unlimited HD and someone was using Simple Choice in lieu of paying for home cable and internet, there might be a quandary – otherwise… whudda thunk it?

        • Kenny

          I will opt out, and the simple reason is I like having 20GB of 4G LTE as a backup in case Fios goes out, or when I travel. With BingeOn and MusicFreedom, I rarely go over my 6GB monthly limit. When I look at all the new plans and the limits they put on tethering, it is clear that TMO doesn’t want people tethering too much, hence you need to go all the way to Magenta Plus to get 20GB of 4G LTE tethering.

        • riverhorse

          Tether there’s ways to get around. And the preference for the 20gb bucket I don’t get, in practice Unlimited gives you at least double the official 50gb threshold.
          Unless if you’re already streaming over 6 hours video every single day. That’s almost ungodly / tough to do with full time work or school + commute or homework and chores…maybe if can make do with little sleep. That would be like 10-14 each of Sat/Sun and 2-4 each weekday…
          and or falling asleep without turning off streaming.

        • Kenny

          I am just saying TMO seems to be trying to take away 20GB of 4G LTE tethering with this offer. Because with BingeOn and other features, most people have that in their stash. That’s all, might work for some, not me.

        • Christopher Van Zetta

          The problem is you use Verizon as a home ISP

      • Christopher Van Zetta

        Silly isn’t it? Almost as if that user can’t math….

        • pseudoswede

          20gb tethering > 6gb tethering. Looks like you can’t do math.

        • Christopher Van Zetta

          Unlimited tethering > 20Gb > 6Gb


        • Kenny

          We’re talking about 4G LTE tethering, have fun with unlimited 2G.

        • gramps28

          People should look at the fine print in the terms. Tmobile can change them anytime they want and if people don’t like it they will let you out of your contract but since there is no contracts any more …..

        • Kenny

          Trust me, I do read the fine print and of course they can do what you say, but they would piss so many people off, and with no contracts, off they go to another carrier. My feeling is that they will do just that in the future, but they want to minimize the pissed off people, so they are doing promos like this one to get the numbers down.

        • gramps28

          Just like they did with Tzones. I remember no one wanted to lose their $9.99 data but they lost it.

          Also when 5G starts rolling out I’m sure plans are going to change and people will have to switch plans.

        • Christopher Van Zetta

          And it’s 3g, not 2g. Thanks for showing your overall ignorance

    • Clearly

      Looooool, please don’t cry when you don’t like a promotion and start shouting “what about the loyal customers”

      • pseudoswede

        Why would I? I’ve been a customer for 18 years. My Simple Choice plan is dirt cheap.

        • Christopher Van Zetta

          I pay $30 for unlimited everything. How about you?

    • Kenny

      Good call! This is an attempt to get rid of DataStash, BingeOn and MusicFreedom, basically all the good Uncarrier moves. Those were all not sustainable, but needed to gain subscribers. With those features, you will rarely go over 6-10GB plus 20GB stashed on phone and tether, so it is practically unlimited. Now that they have enough momentum, they are trying to undo those moves!!!

      • SirStephenH

        You do not lose Binge-On and Music Freedom. Also, Data Stash is not needed on an UNLIMITED plan. Please stop spreading misinformation.

        • Kenny

          You’re right, but you do lose data stash for tethering, which is around 20GB for most, just seems they really want to take away 4G LTE tethering.

        • Sayahh

          How much 4G LTE tethering is available to those with, say, a 6GB plan?

        • pseudoswede

          So what do I do when I run out of 6gb of hot spot? There are months where I work quite a bit away from home and work and where wifi is not available.

    • Hombre

      Keep data stash for as long as you can…

  • gorilla

    No love for 4gb plan…

  • Tinger12

    T-Mobile’s quest to rid the balance sheet of the Data Stash continues.

  • James Symmonds

    Couldn’t remember what plan I’m on so I had to go look in the app. I’ve been around so long that it shows I’m on an EIP Voice Test Plan. :D

  • Kenny

    Opt Out please. This is an attempt to get rid of DataStash, BingeOn and MusicFreedom, basically all the good Uncarrier moves. Those were all not sustainable, but needed to gain subscribers. With those features, most will rarely go over 6-10GB plus 20GB stashed on phone and tether, so it is practically unlimited. Now that they have enough momentum, they are trying to undo those moves!!! I tether to a tablet to watch videos all the time with no limit, and 480p is more than enough on a screen that size.

    • SirStephenH

      This upgrade is to Simple Choice Unlimited, not T-Mobile One. SCU still has Binge-On (not needed though because data is unlimited but can be used for data free 480p streaming over tethering) and Music Freedom (again, not needed but applies to tethering). You loose your Data Stash but it’s useless anyways with unlimited data.

  • Martyy

    i love my simple choice plan family plan. Still streaming at 1080 use about 30-40 gigs a month. I still have my gov discount.Life is good.

  • Donny Gunn

    Why did Tmo take away the 6T, the 7T which just came out, the note 9, s9 which all support the new 66, 71 bands but leave the old iphone 7 which does not? Am i missing something.

    • Christopher Van Zetta

      Because Samsung dropped the 10 series? Apple is losing its customer base rapidly.

  • Kenny

    From their FAQ: “You’ll continue to receive high-speed tethering data at your previous limited high-speed data allotment.”

    What does “high-speed” mean? 3G or 4G? They are very clear on what you get on their current plans, 3G or 4G LTE. Why so vague here? I did chat with a rep and was told it was 4G LTE, but we all know how much we can trust that.

    • Andrew Singleton

      high speed means highest speed available. exact same way your phone data works is how your tethering data will work.

  • Christopher Van Zetta

    T-mobile wins again!

  • Willie D

    No thanks. The last time they did this it was only for those who had 6GB data plans anyway. This time it will be for those who have 2GB which I had but they bumped up to a permanent 4GB only after I bitched about how they cant take away promotions anymore. So this upgrade will come at a cost as before and likely will be offered to lines who never accepted any half assed promo before.

  • Joe

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and the girl not so politely told me that I dont qualify for it. I have been with T-Mobile for around 15 years and am currently on the Simple Choice plan with 5 lines. 4 lines have 2gb and 1 has a $20 a month add on unlimited. She said the plans would need to be 3gb to qualify and the line that has unlimited doesn’t qualify because it has unlimited. She then went on to tell me I’m lucky to be on a grandfathered in discount plan to which I replied the plan is not discounted it is just an older plan that you dont offer any more it doesnt make it discounted. It took me 5 tries to get someone who isnt in India to answer the phone too.

    • Kenny

      Makes sense, guess what data plan gets data stash and binge on, 3gb and higher. This offer is not about rewarding customer loyalty. I never comment this much, but I can’t stand shady marketing spin.

      • Joe

        Ikr. Who actually thinks tmobile is trying to make someones day without a gain. It’s not a bad upgrade necessarily but obviously it’s helpful for tmobile to get rid of users with data stash.

  • Rx-man

    I’ve added two lines on our SC 10gb plan in August. I’ve tried several times with TMobile Customer Service via chat and a few times on the phone to get them to change the two lines to Unlimited like the other 9 lines that were migrated in April. No luck. Has anybody been in a similar situation and has had success…

    • Ronin

      They have no incentive to allow it. T-Mobile wants all new lines on Magenta plans. They know existing SC lines won’t move so they offer unlimited data to get rid of their data stash liabilities.

      • Hombre

        I have SC 2 business lines with two promot data lines with 6GB data and 20GB data stash. Even thought I don’t use the entire data allotment, its good to know it is there. What I don’t know is if my two promo data lines FREE that was added to account on 11/21/16 are 4G or 3G data? Tmobile rep could not verfiy, and if goes over the 6gb limit to data stash, is it still 4g data?

  • Bob Archer

    The tweet is in comic sans, so I think it’s a joke. ;)

  • Lynel007

    I have 6 lines with them on SC for $80 and last month without warning they revised the prices of that plan that I’ve been on for last 6 years to $120 all lines already had unltd.

    • Ronin

      What did customer service say about this change? Maybe it’s a glitch.

  • Steve

    So, I have the old SC Unlimited 2 for $100 plan (I believe that also includes 1080p streaming) with an additional 3 paid lines at $40/each AND an additional 3 FREE lines thanks to 2 great TMO promos a few years ago. Since I know that the old SC with Data Stash were cheaper on the family plan side (I think they still included the same 1080p streaming and other features as the SC Unlimited had), how different is the monthly cost for anyone out there that took the new data increase to unlimited promo?

    • Ronin

      My plan is 2 lines for $80 and 2 free promo lines. Nevertheless hard to beat 8 lines for $220 with HD streaming in today’s market.

  • Kal

    After I got the text about a week ago,
    My speed fell by 1/2 to just 3-4gbs vs 7-8. I am on an s8 and in in dfw metro. Anyone else seen this ?

  • Kenny

    If you tether and use binge on to stream without it counting, then opt out. The tethering limit of this offer will count all data towards your tethering limit, no more zero rating when tethering.

    Even at 480p, it is a lot of data, so someone can tether and stream endlessly, well over the 50gb prioritization limit, because that depends on traffic not a hard cap where it takes you down to 2G after.

    I get it, this is about protecting their network, not all about customer loyalty reward.