T-Mobile prepaid deal offers two unlimited lines for $65 per month


If you’re looking for a deal for a couple of lines of service, T-Mobile recently launched a prepaid offer that you may want to consider.

T-Mobile is offering two lines of unlimited prepaid service for $65 per month. This includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. Video streams at 480p with this plan, and tethering tops out at 3G speeds.

This plan is only available for a limited time, and it’s only being offered in stores. So if it piques your interest, you’ll have to visit your local T-Mo shop to sign up.

To compare, T-Mobile typically charges $50 per month for a single prepaid line with unlimited talk, text, and data, and it costs $30 for each additional line that you add to that plan. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to get an unlimited plan for two people, this T-Mobile prepaid is definitely worth thinking about.

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Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

  • Brandon Robinson

    Define unlimited?

    • Andrew Singleton

      highest speed available up to 50GB per month. only in areas of congestion, customers that have used >50GB that month will be slowed if necessary.

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    These “deals” keep getting more expensive.

  • NardVa

    Any plan that limits video to 480p is useless for video. You might as well save your money and get an unlimited talk and text plan.

    • Andrew Singleton

      you represent an extreme minority

      • Kyleishere

        No he doesn’t.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Yeah, none of my customers cares. Most of the public doesn’t have an eye for video quality. I’ve opened thousands of accounts.

      • NardVa

        Average screen size for a mid level to a high end phone is 5.5 or bigger. Most screens are1080p, but pretty soon the average screen resolution will be 2k minimum. Most video content on average is 1080p, but pretty soon the standard will be 4k. Everything (phones and video content) is moving to higher resolutions, but T-Mobile is limiting video content to 480p. That’s going backwards while technology is going forward.

        • Kyle

          The screen size comment is relevant. 1080p is overkill on a 5.5″ screen. My device has around 400+ dpi, but defaults to a lower video resolution because you can’t tell the difference. Not to mention you can get around the T-Mo 480p limitation (hint: encryption) if you know how.

          To put this in context, most broadcast TV in the US – outside of a very limited amount of sports broadcasts (NFL primetime) and PPV movie channels – is highly compressed 720p (or 1080i). Look at the feed data, you’ll see this.

          Networks have not adapted to 1080p broadcasts / content because there isn’t enough bandwidth on the Satellite/Cable infrastructures to do 1080p on more than a limited amount of shows (and OTA networks don’t care). Heck, many digital movie theatres project at 1080p. Actual 4k content as a standard is a long way off for the US outside of disc and IP-based systems.

          The point? It people are OK with 720p on TV sized devices (50″+) and 1080p on theater screens, they’ll be more than satisfied with 480p on a 5.5″ device.

        • Emaad Khan

          Do You sit 1 foot away from a theater screen? A TV? I’ve used 480p on my phone. It looks terrible. 720p is tolerable. On my computer screen 1080p is good enough. And on my TV 4K IS the best, but 1080p works well enough. Screen resolution is relative to both size and distance. That’s why manufacturers put QHD and FHD screens on their phones. Btw, the sports are in 720p because sharp visuals are not their main goal.

        • Martyy

          i still have my good ole simple choice plan. i love that i can stream 1080 while on the network. No way in hell would i switch to the new magenta plans and downgrade to 480 just to get the free Netflix. not to mention i would lose my gov discount.

      • riverhorse

        I don’t want to tether at 480p.

    • Disqus5218

      Well, *technically* it’s limiting bandwidth, not the content. YouTube could allow you to pause it to get better quality.

      If you’re just on a phone, you won’t see a difference all the time if you’re in portrait, or on a lower-res phone.

  • David Hoffman

    I went to the two T-Mobile stores in my city and both said this offer did not exist in reality.

    • Kodi Kodi

      i’m not surprised

  • Disqus5218

    Is this “Essentials” with taxes as extra, or $65 with taxes built in?

    • riverhorse

      Taxes and fees extra.
      Also, because it’s prepaid–ensure the auto billing card doesn’t bounce, or that you don’t draw down the balance (on other extras) below what’s needed for all lines the next month. Because it will auto convert to the $3 for 30 min./text/250mb data monthly Pay Go plan… 20 cents for each after that, then no service when balance depletes.

      • Kodi Kodi

        this autoconversion crap is what scares everybody, that idea wasn’t good at all. this traps anyone to disaster if one hardly dreams to finally get to grab a method of communication, the communication provider is the one that falls short to this commitment.

  • Binod Pokhrel

    Is this plan includes each line unlimited 4G LTE high speed internet all the time within the month?

  • Calvin King

    I was able to get this deal with a call to customer service who sent me 2 free sim cards. With fees I pay $68 a month.