T-Mobile launches 4G LTE coverage in the Gulf of Mexico


T-Mobile regularly upgrades its 4G LTE network to improve coverage. Now T-Mo’s LTE is expanding to another new area.

T-Mobile 4G LTE is now live in the Gulf of Mexico. T-Mo teamed up with RigNet on the effort, using its 600MHz and RigNet’s 700MHz spectrum to provide LTE coverage for smartphones as well as Internet of Things (IoT) tech and other equipment. This rollout means that T-Mobile covers more than 60,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico with LTE.

What’s more, T-Mobile used 5G-ready equipment when rolling out LTE in the Gulf of Mexico, meaning it can eventually bring 5G to the Gulf as well.

It might sound weird at first that T-Mobile launched 4G LTE coverage in a large body of water, but the rollout is meant to help connect offshore workers, oil and gas platforms, recreational and commercial vessels, and critical infrastructure that are in the area. It’s a cool achievement, and T-Mo touts that it’s the first wireless carrier to deploy LTE in the Gulf of Mexico.

T-Mobile today also gave an update on its 600MHz LTE coverage. To date, T-Mobile has rolled out 600MHz LTE to nearly 6,600 cities and towns in 46 states and Puerto Rico. If you’d like to check out the full list of markets covered by 600MHz LTE, you can find it here.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Jay Holm

    Hmm, Channelview, Baytown, Kemah, and Galveston are listed in the Houston area, NICE!!! Looking forward to Band 71 being deployed in Friendswood, Pearland (77089) area, Sagemont area of Houston!

    I have the LG G7!

    • Anonymouse

      They covered the northside too with Aldine, Jersey Village and Spring. Drove around earlier today using my Note 9 locked to B71 LTE and noticed areas of Humble (77338) east of US 59 and areas around Bush IAH (77073) are live as well. Although signal is lost in areas with Spring addresses in southern Montgomery County (north of Spring Creek).

      • Jay Holm

        Good to know! Personally, I am more interested in the southern areas of Houston, such as Sagemont, Friendswood, Pearland, Webster, Seabrook, League City, Gulf region of the 45. . .I will have to go to Galveston sometime in August and check out the coverage their. . .

  • Acdc1a

    Still plenty on land they should be deploying first…

    • riverhorse

      This gonna require extreme patience, and I doubt will ever get totally accomplished. I have more faith in one of the big satellite deployers like Tesla, Amazon, etc.
      It is so frustrating, it’s the main reason why I cut back on travel drastically. I hate being anchored but I hate even more being off-grid and/or low bandwidth internet- even if only while getting there.
      OTOH if satellite service works like proclaimed, home will become something always on the move- planes, trains, boats, balloons, jetpacks and automobiles.

      • JJ

        You cut back on travel because you don’t get good signal coverage on the road? Ok.

        • riverhorse

          These days I cannot work without fast internet and if cellphone coverage is spotty. Often, in between cities is a problem. So why put up with that?
          You being blue collar need not worry about these things though.

        • JJ

          Then switch to a service that works for your personal needs. It’s not about blue collar or or the type of work someone has. I have a friend who is a trucker and in florida and georgia tmobile works great but in other areas he travels it wasn’t so good, so he has verizon. It’s all about choosing a service that works for you. There will always be a reason to complain about cell service.

        • riverhorse

          All snarkiness aside…
          So your particular experience and knowledge is absolute?
          And anyone claiming different is unknowing of something obvious?
          And the US has no areas with zero cell coverage, zero broadband?
          And there is a particular cellphone carrier that blankets the entire country yet everyone isn’t on it in order to save a couple of dollars?

          I was being understanding of you- maybe you had one of those jobs where you’re actually mandated to turn phone and internet off at work. No one in management / a far flung corporation that requires visiting all areas would agree with you.

          You could sign up with satellite service plus multiple simultaneous cell providers and still have problems.

          Back to my Nestlé Trollhouse Cookies.

        • JJ

          Not the one getting snarky here. I was just explaining that there are many options. And no there aren’t any service providers with 100% coverage, there is no absolute here. I am speaking from just trying out services for myself and just plain common sense. That is why i said use the one that “best” suits you. And if it happens to be tmobile and they still need to improve in your area, send them a message via their social network options to make them aware. Posting it here only let’s us know, the consumers and have conversations like this, it will not report anything to tmobile. I have done it many times on twitter and have gotten issues resolved very quickly.
          No one is being a troll here. Just trying to have a conversation about my experience with cell service. No reason to just start calling people trolls because they respond to a comment and you don’t like it. At this point i hope you have a nice day and hope your service improves. No reason to keep this going. Thanks again for your input.

    • JJ

      Yes, that is very true. Just like verizon also has issues with congestion and att has issues with not upgrading their network to save money. The question is, will the customer be smart enough to choose a network that works for them instead of picking one that doesn’t work and complain about it on forums…

      • Acdc1a

        Someone who spends a fair amount of money on a network watching that network prioritize an area where no more than a few boaters and oil rig workers are has every right to express displeasure over that prioritization.

        • JJ

          Yes, i understand, the best way to do that though, that is effective is to switch to a network that will work for you. That speaks more to a company than posting on a comment section that they will most likely never see. But i understand what you mean. The thing is, that tmobile is upgrading pretty fast other parts of the network. In my state they have improved dramatically.

  • radioman

    There are thousands of workers on oil platforms in the gulf of Mexico. Other carriers charge huge roaming fees in the gulf. This is going to bring allot of business to T-Mobile.

  • steveb944

    This would have been great on my cruise last year.

  • JG

    I wonder if they could do something similar along the Alaskan coast and other frequently cruised areas…

    It would be nice to have another option than having to rely on cruise ship’s extremely over priced internet options.

  • Pakalu Papito

    So that’s the reason I had a bunch of notifications come in while flying over the Gulf lol.