T-Mobile updating Galaxy Watch with Samsung’s One UI


Have a Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist? If so, you’ve got a software update coming your way.

T-Mobile has released an update to the Galaxy Watch that bumps the device to version R805USQU1BSE3 or R815USQU1BSE3, depending on whether you’ve got the 46mm or 42mm version of the watch. The update is on the small side, coming in at around 118MB.

As for what’s included, the update’s changelog says you can expect Samsung’s One UI for the watch. There are updated graphics for a refreshed look, new watch face designs, a setting to manage background apps, and an enhancement that’ll make the Galaxy Watch faster to begin tracking workouts.

Here’s the full changelog for this update:

One UI for Watch

  • Check information on your watch at a quick glance. Updated graphics (motion, interface) delivers refreshed look

Watch faces

  • You can now download new designs of watch faces

Quick panel

  • Now supports additional pages to allow quick access to setting control


  • Setting menus have been updated for easier discovery. Daily briefing setting has been added for watch to be smarter. Additionally, Sleeping mode can now be turned on/off. Watch can now be set to wake up by touching the screen

Samsung Health

  • Daily Activity feature added which shows user’s daily activity (Move, Workout, Hourly Activity)
  • Usability improved by continuous syncing in between paired smartphone and watch
  • Watch also begins to track workout quicker

Wellness of Heart

  • If heart rate is measured over the limit(set by user), watch notifies the user


  • Outdoor swim has been added to tracking

Battery optimization

  • Setting to manage background apps have been added


  • For more contextual information, sleep statistic now includes trends and statistics of users who have the same or a similar age as the user.

To check for your Galaxy Watch’s update, open your Galaxy Wearable app, select “About Watch”, and then tap “Update Watch software”.

Thanks, Debjit and Nick!

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  • Francisco Peña

    This is slow. I have the Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier that got this update 1-2 weeks ago. I’d have expected this to be out already for their newest watch.

    • skywalkr2

      I got it on the Samsung Watch yesterday.

    • James Bandes

      I am in New York and have a Galaxy Gear S3 Fonttier with LTE and no update yet?

      • Francisco Peña

        did you force check? I just go the June Security update too this morning.

        • James Bandes

          Yes been force checking since May 21st its so damn annoying. Do you have the Gear S3 Fontier with LTE? At least if you have it then it is finally rolling out so I will try to be a bit more patient. Thanks for your kind reply.

        • James Bandes

          And your on Tmobile correct?

        • Francisco Peña

          Not with LTE… I am on TMo, but not with the LTE model.. I bought mine from Amazon last month.

        • James Bandes

          I sure wish they would release it for the LTE version. Its so annoying how long they have been taking rolling our their updates

  • jpco20

    Still waiting for the Gear S3 LTE version (R765T)

  • Manbearpig

    Why will they give us a quick toggle for bluetooth? This is madding!!

  • O. L. Jackson

    I threw it on my Gear S3 Classic, the BT version. Is this for the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch?

  • the martian ambassador

    I got the S3 Frontier included with my Note 9. Have to say, these are great watches. I’ve had it for almost a year now and it has no scratches on the face or body of the watch. Even if you don’t use the smart features, these watches are worth the price just for the ability to change the watch faces.

  • Jim Solheim

    I have the T-mobile G3 Frontier and I still haven’t received the new OneUI update. any one else have this issue. keeps saying my software is up to date

    • Joseph D. Pisani

      Same….I’m guessing it’s never coming