T-Mobile Tuesdays will give customers free Dunkin’ latte every week through June


T-Mobile today revealed the deals that it’s got planned for next Tuesday, and they include a new weekly gift for T-Mo customers.

On Tuesday, April 9th, T-Mobile customers can get a free medium latte from Dunkin’. You’re not getting just one latte, though, because T-Mobile says that this offer will be available every Tuesday through June.


Also coming next Tuesday is a $4 movie ticket for Hellboy from Atom Tickets and $15 off select items plus free standard shipping from Cheryl’s Cookies. Rounding out next week’s deals are $0.10 off per gallon of gas at Shell and a free taco from Taco Bell.

There will be no sweepstakes next week.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • steveb944

    Latte in the morning, taco in the evening.

  • Deadeye37

    It would be nice if they did the latte in the form of a gift card for that amount. I don’t drink coffee, but would like to get some donuts.

    • dcmanryan

      I agree. My nearest DD is 55 miles away and gift cards never expire.

  • Josh Warfel

    T-Mobile Tuesdays started off awesome, then began to suck for awhile.. I think they realized it because they have been back to being descent again for the last month or so. For awhile there nothing was good and I went weeks without a redemption. Now there are multiple things to redeem that are worthwhile for me.

  • the martian ambassador

    If you can’t drink dairy, you’re out of luck.

  • Andrew

    Their flavored lattes are disgusting lmao. Besides the fact that their coffee just isn’t good, they’re beyond sweet (maybe to cover the taste of the coffee…). I have a major sweet tooth and that’s me saying that. They’re even sweeter than Starbucks. Let’s compare (although I’m sure the syrup is different). A grande (16oz) Starbucks vanilla latte has 31g of sugar and a medium (14oz) Dunkin Donuts French vanilla latte has 52g of sugar. WHAT?! LOL

    • the martian ambassador

      I like Dunkin coffee better than Starbucks. The flavor shots are sugar free. A medium iced latte with almond milk, and a shot of sugar free hazelnut is 170 calories,15G of sugar, no saturated fat, no cholesterol.
      They did charge me an extra .50 for the almond milk with this offer.

  • BobbieDooley

    I learned that in my area, T-Mobile flat out ignored a landlord’s request to relocate several towers, delivered via certified mail. They even elicited feedback one year prior to construction on new designs for the condo complex.

    In total, redevelopment in the area affected ot at just one cellular site in my metro area, but a total of eight.

    As a result of T-Mobile ignoring the letters, the landlord took bolt cutters to the locks, and started moving the cell site themselves. Half-hour later, when the technicians came to look into the issue, the landlord handed them copies of the “eviction notices/letters” and told T-Mobile technicians to grab a shovel and take their $500k cell site equipment when them.

    Needless to say, a free Latte doesn’t fix this, but when T-Mobile reduces staff and headcount in favor for PR articles that say there’s a free pizzas and lattes, it may it seem
    like an expensive $70/month latte when the phone doesn’t work!

  • Philip

    Wish we can do the add as $2. At least it gives you 7 days to redeem per week.