Costco selling T-Mobile-Locked Samsung Galaxy S9 for $350


Ever since Samsung unveiled its latest flagship series, the Galaxy S10, the price for last year’s Galaxy S9 model has been going down. Just recently, Costco announced that they will be adding a $200 discount on the Galaxy S9, exclusively for the T-Mobile variant.

Originally, this smartphone is available for $599.99 on Samsung’s website and $549.99 at Costco. But for a limited time period, this device can be purchased for $349.99.

If you are interested in this offer by Costco, you will need to activate the device upon purchase on either a new or existing T-Mobile line. Considering the phone is available at a discount, it does not include any monthly installments, trade-ins, bill credits, or any other strings with it. You will have to pay the full amount after the $200 discount is credited on the device.

As a refresher, the Galaxy S9 comes with a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display. It runs on a Snapdragon 845 processor with 4GB of RAM, 64GB onboard storage, and a 3,000mAh battery. There is a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera as well.

True, the Galaxy S9 may no longer be a “new” model. But it still manages to beat the competition. Will you be getting this device?

Check out Costco’s announcement here.

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  • Iphart

    You are couple days late with this news. It’s just about sold out every where.

  • marque2

    Sold out everywhere – each store was given 5 phones and for the most part they sold out first day.

    Costco is offering $200 off the S10 in black or white only – not the cool Cobalt blue or red $650. $100 off S10e for $599 and there are still a few in stock

  • marque2

    I wonder how having merely 5 phones per location, which sell out in minutes, and then having them upsell you to an S10 for $300 more is even legal. That violates “bait and switch” laws in just about every state. They wouldn’t let me order one and wait at that price either, or offer a comparable phone for a similar price which is also required under the law. Law (in general, varies somewhat by state) also states that the company offering a sale should have a reasonable amount of stock on hand to cover customers that come in

    Also notice on the advert they don’t say “limited to stock on hand” which might get them off the hook.

    I wonder who I should complain to. Any lawyers out there?

    • Dominimmiv

      Complain to Costco corporate. You are actually a member there and your complaint will not be ignored.

    • Boris Govnic

      Contact your State Attorney General’s office and file a Consumer complaint…. the Federal Trade Commission is another you just have to look for their website and you can file a Consumer complaint there are some things called udaps Most states take consumer deceptive practices and violations very seriously

    • dcmanryan

      These we’re clearanced phones and they may or may not come back in stock. My Costco had way more than 5 so I’m not sure where you’re getting that info. No one is forcing you to buy an S10 so this in no way qualifies for a bait and switch. You also could have called and verified stock amount before going over.

      • Sayahh

        My Costco had 2.

      • marque2

        You can’t back down and excuse what companies do that is deceptive. If you do more companies will defraud us. Note that you are probably not aware of bait and switch, the laws against it and how it works.

        All your assumptions are false.
        First off
        “Bait and switch, a type of fraud that often constitutes a violation of false advertising laws, “baits” customers with an appealing advertisement like a low price or rebate for a product or service that is in low supply or not available. Customers are then “switched” to a substitute product, usually at a higher price or on a basis that is more advantageous to the advertiser.” (Note do a google search on bait and switch laws, can’t include the URL or this blog blocks the post)

        It has nothing to do with whether I have to purchase it or not.

        Secondly no, the S9 is not overstock/clearance item. It is still available, and remain available as a standard model. If they put an “*clearance sale, limited to stock on hand” they might be able to get away with it.

        Third Depending on the state, if the model is not available and they don’t have it on hand, they are suppose to give you rain check so you can buy it when it comes in, and/or they need to find an alternate model that is of the same quality that you can buy for the same price (say last years iPhone). I asked about both and the person refused.

        Third, most states require that when you hold a sale, you must have stock available to meet the expected demand. Obviously, though some people claim their stores had more, when they only stock each SoCal Costco with 5 phones, that is not enough to meet 4 days of sales.

        Here is a legal page with the definition I copied.

        It is exactly what the Costco did.

        Note that some states like CA have their own set of consumer protection laws but most states follow the Uniform Consumer Trade Practices Act.

        • dcmanryan

          Going off your assumption Black Friday is illegal and we should all sue then right? It’s a bait and switch anyway you look at it. How do you prove in a court of law the number of phones each Costco sold and had? You can’t and no lawyer is touching that case so it’s not worth wasting your time on it. This deal was no different than a Black Friday deal where it’s clearly marked, device and carrier selection may vary by location. That last statement kills any bait and switch conspiracy.

          I know one of the phone guys at my Costco so I asked him and they had 9 phones Friday at 5:30 pm while he was there. If you follow the SlickDeals forums a few people are still buying them today so whoever told you each store had 5 phones was clearly a liar.

          Clearance item at Costco. I was told it’s undecided if they will stock more after they’re sold. Rather that is just that store or all of them I do not know.

  • pda96

    Most locations are already sold out. No sweat. By summer, there should be sweet deals on the S10.

    • marque2

      S10 for $650 at same Costco’s. They still have some.

      • pda96

        The S10 was released recently and already retailers are discounting it. So wait a few months and prices will come down even more.

    • Harlimus

      i got my mom an s9 when it was i think 250 at costco (with tradein and rebate).

  • Whitey Johnson

    Why buy old technology even if it is discounted?

    • JJ

      Why buy a 2010 honda accord when the 2019 is already out? hmmm.

      • Whitey Johnson

        It’s different when it’s a phone slick

  • dcmanryan

    You avoided my Black Friday example and you also avoided the fine print clearly printed by Costco and numerous sources stating stock was above 5 at various locations. No state gives rain checks on Black Friday items and this is no different. I’m not sticking up for Costco just pointing out the obvious you’re missing. It clearly states device and carrier selection will vary by store. What more do you want? No law states they need to haul in 300 S9 phones and give them at a discounted rate. Time will tell if all the Costco’s continue carrying the phone or not. So I ask again, why aren’t you filing a lawsuit every Black Friday against BestBuy for have 3 60” TVs at $275? I’ll just agree to disagree with you because I’ve debated you in the past with facts and you keep it going and going and going. This is no way a bait and switch where it clearly states what I’ve repeated three times now, device and carrier selection will vary by store. Not a lawyer in the world is taking that case.

    • marque2

      On Black Friday it needs to be clearly stated “while supplies last” your examples do not seem to apply to this Costco case. Do you see any clarifications on the advert shown here? Any asterisk which indicates maybe I should look at the last page? No.

      • dcmanryan

        Official link was posted and it got deleted. It clearly states what I’ve already said. Tmonews did NOT post the entirety of the deal as the terms were not posted where it basically said you’re SOL if you didn’t get one. Same as Black Friday deals.

        • marque2

          Well Costco says otherwise – claims that the post was an error and has been honoring the voucher if you compalcomp to HQ.

          So Costco has more clue than you.

          And you obviously have never read a Black Friday advert – the limited supply and limited times of sale are very clearly stated.

        • dcmanryan

          Lol. Nice try. Come up with a random statistic that’s so random no one con track it. You win, you’re smarter than Costco lawyers who wrote up the statement. Go get a lawyer and you nail it to them big fella. You’re obviously a genius. In all honesty you’re a moron that’s butt hurt he didn’t get a phone. If Costco does honor the price to morons like yourself they’re doing it to get you out of their store quick as possible. You truly are the biggest dumbass on this forum and constantly spew nothing but BS.

        • marque2

          I shouldn’t comment again after your laughable post up there, but you might want to look in the mirror first before calling other morons. You obviously have no clue.

          Anyway, I am happy, I am getting my phone, at the advertised price – and with color options, because Costco admitted the mistake! You can do what you want, but if you want to let corporations run you over, that is your choice.

        • dcmanryan

          The blind squirrel finds a nut. It’s a miracle. Actually it’s just more BS. No one believes anything out of your mouth as everything you spew is always hear say. I can’t stand a liar and for years on this forum have caught you more times then I can count. Costco made no mistake you idiot. They’ve moved on to another S10 deal and you sure as hell never got shit with an S9 because IF they ordered more they’re not there yet. Post your receipt, no?? Ok then, GTFO and quit spreading your BS!! Nothing is ever fact based in anything you post.

        • dcmanryan

          You’re the only who got one. I follow many forums with phone tech much larger than here and not one other person got one after the fact but you did even though Costco had long moved on to another deal, sounds oh so believable. You’re truly pathetic. Just an FYI, the stores that ordered more haven’t showed up yet. The deal ended Monday. Prove me wrong with a receipt you don’t have.

        • marque2

          Technically no, it’s on order waiting restock. But I did follow the advice laid out here and complained to Costco about the unfairness and dubious legality. You might still be able to do the same though you would have had better luck of you did it Monday. Corporate email is on the contacts page of their web site.

          So why do you have such a need to get attention?

        • dcmanryan

          I’ve told you, I hate liars and call them out when I see them which you do often on this forum.