T-Mobile sending LG V30 and LG V40 ThinQ software updates


Days after LG revealed its new V50 ThinQ, T-Mobile has begun pushing updates to a pair of previous LG V series flagships.

T-Mobile is now updating its models of the LG V30 and LG V40 ThinQ. The LG V30 is getting an update to version H93220r which brings with it the January 2019 Android security patches. Also included are messaging app improvements and various system improvements.

Meanwhile, the LG V40 ThinQ is getting an update that includes the February 2019 security patches. T-Mobile doesn’t have any info about this update on its site quite yet, but a few Reddit users say that they’ve received the update over the air.

If you’ve got an LG V30 or LG V40, you can check for the update manually by launching your phone’s Settings app, going into the General tab, and selecting About phone > Update Center > System updates > Check for update. T-Mobile does say that updates are briefly set on a scheduled daily limit to help prevent network congestion, so you may not see your update right away.

Let us know when your LG V30 or LG V40 is updated!

Thanks, PlowRox and Red!

Sources: T-Mobile, Reddit

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  • dl_crash

    January 2019 Android security patches? It’s nearly March.

  • SirStephenH

    It’s about damn time. The V30 has been well past the 90 day limit for security patches set by the Android Enterprise Recommended program. This is the second time this has happened in the past year. Google should kick the V30 out of the AER program for this, otherwise what’s the point in having the program in the first place if you let everyone violate the rules when they feel like it?

    • Red

      January security patches going out in late February is well past the 90 day limit for security patches? Eh?

  • substance

    I’m just hoping this stops my messages app from freezing up every time i try to send one out!

  • Red

    Update was a little over 500 megs. I don’t trust LG Bridge any more… it was trying to pull 2.6 gigs, which is probably the last full update. Don’t need that kind of hassle. Luckily I was able to pull the OWA just after I bailed on the Bridge.

  • Glenn Gore

    It’s about darn time! My V30 is still on the November security update. The worst thing though, is that there is still no Android Pie OS update *and no assurance that it will ever get it) for the V30, a year after Pie was first introduced. I will NEVER buy another LG phone, their attitude towards security and OS updates is insane.

  • Dominimmiv

    I really wanted to go with LG when I got my G7. I will be keeping it until the 5G version of the S10 comes out then I will be going back to Samsung for good.

    • Be sure and wait to get a 5G device that has both Sub 6 AND mmWave!

  • chris souders

    Im on Sprint and got the January patch in early FEB for my V30+

  • W Smitty

    I had a notification that mine was available. I need to reboot.