Samsung Galaxy Fold features a 7.3-inch screen when unfolded, coming to T-Mobile in Q2


Today is Samsung’s big Unpacked event, and along with the Galaxy S10, Samsung debuted its first foldable smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a foldable Android smartphone. When folded up, it’s got a 4.6-inch screen so that you can quickly do things like respond to messages, play and pause music, and answer calls without unfolding the device. When you unfold it, you get a whopping 7.3-inch screen to give you more space for movies, maps, photos, and more.

Samsung says that it’s using App Continuity to let you launch an app on the front screen and then continue where you left off when you open the screen. And with the screen unfolded, you can multitask with up to three apps running at once, letting you take full advantage of that big screen.


There’s a total of six cameras on the Galaxy Fold so that you’ll always be able to snap a shot, no matter which position the device is in. There are three rear cameras, including a wide angle sensor, an ultra wide angle snapper, and a telephoto lens, and there’s a dual front camera setup on the inside that offers a wide angle camera and RGB depth sensor. There’s a single front-facing camera on the device, too.

Unsurprisingly, a flagship device like the Galaxy Fold has some top-end internals, too. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Fold with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage. There’s also a 4380mAh battery inside the device.


One thing that shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Galaxy Fold won’t be cheap. Samsung says it’ll launch on April 26th at a starting price of $1,980. It’ll be available in four colors and will be sold in LTE and 5G versions. T-Mobile says that it’ll carry the Galaxy Fold in Q2 2019.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like a pretty interesting device. It’s obviously a first gen product, and it’s not going to win any thinness awards, but Samsung has managed to make it look pretty sharp for a first gen foldable smartphone. The near-$2,000 price tag means that most folks probably aren’t going to pick one up, but if you love to be on the bleeding edge, the Galaxy Fold looks like it could be solid.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Source: Samsung

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  • Dharharr

    I can’t wait to buy this on my 5 year EIP!!

    • Koolme666

      You can pay it off when you want !!! :)

      • Just like a car or house payment. You can always pay more than the minimum to pay it off.

    • shanali04

      Must be on new line to qualify for $1000 down and 5 year EIP. lol

    • Paul

      It’s going to be like a car loan before we know it.

  • JayBEE

    Wish it had a pen. Wondering why they did not include one?

    • Paul

      Probably to keep it as an exclusive thing to the Note series.


    Really interesting design. My question is going to be how many apps will take advantage of the big screen? Will it run Android tablet apps on the big screen? Also how much the down payment will be on JOD. Really like the idea of this phone but will be interesting to see how it works in practice.

    • Paul

      I wonder if jod will even be an option with the Galaxy Fold.

      • THXULTRA

        You bring up a good point. The down payment for eip or jod will be huge for sure

    • Larry Griffin

      Considering T-Mobile only lets customers finance btw$720-750 per device ur looking around at least $1230 down payment …. that’s def not worth it

      • THXULTRA

        You don’t pay for the entire phone on JOD though it has a residual payment at the end. That being said I still agree with you that it probably isn’t worth it.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    This is actually really cool, let’s see how they support it after the first year.

  • Lord GoFuckYourself

    I’ll certainly go look at it, touch it. Hold it. Smile and put it back down.

    Cuz Android.

    • Right. Unfortunately, Samsung beat Microsoft to the punch, but I’m willing to wait and see what Andromeda and the Intel device supposedly coming this year has in store.

      …which means I’ll likely be investing in a folding device at or around 2035.

  • Nionx

    I did some math based on current price of the new flagships. The Fold will likely be about $400 down +tax and around $43 a month for 36 month or $65 a month for 24. For what it is, it’s not that bad honestly. Still waiting for the Note 10.

    • Larry Griffin

      T-Mobile only lets you finance btw $720-750 regardless the price of the phone $400 would be a “decent” down payment but I guarantee you it’ll be more probably starting at $1230 for a down payment -UNLESS they change their payment structure but that.hasnt happened in about 4 yrs

      • Nionx

        $1230 would be the balance of the phone. If they had pay it all up front, they’d wouldn’t be able to lock you into a service plan for a set amount of time. That’s where their real profit lies. Whatever the case, the down payment wouldn’t be much higher than the top tier S10 or IPhone X max. Looking at the pricing structure, it would closer to 1000. Doesn’t really make sense when the base S10 is $200 down. One ould think you double the price, you double the down payment.

    • superg05

      i estimated 800ish down

  • mreveryphone

    Will be buying day one…

    • skywalkr2

      Thank goodness for early adopters. This means in 2 or 3 versions it will be perfect for the masses.

  • Francisco Peña

    you leave it open and it falls in the parking lot on the screen. On that one little piece of gravel that hits it in the middle.

    Adios Fold


      This is a phone you get the insurance on for sure. Bet that is going to cost big bucks too. That foldable screen isn’t going to be cheap to replace.

  • Jonathan Hunt

    will be checking them out when they hit the store. my only negative is they had all kinds of room on the front for a screen and it’s only a 4.6. the price is not really that bad when you think if you buy a top of the line phone and tablet it will be the same or more than this 1 device.

  • MissedCall

    2 Grand? See Ya.

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    Hard pass. That thing is butt ugly.

  • BustNuts

    I want one. I’m in.

  • OnePlus6t IsBoss

    I’m definitely buying April 26th can’t wait. It’ll join my industry leading Note9,one Ones6t, and Revvl2Plus at home base. Then I’ll sit back wait until August and get that Note10 1TB model with 1TB saddisk sdcard I’ll be in heaven.