Samsung Galaxy S10 event is happening February 20


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be officially revealed next month.

Samsung confirmed this morning that it will announce the Galaxy S10 on February 20. A teaser video posted to Twitter shows the number 10 bouncing around between two screens with super slim side bezels, suggesting that the GS10 could have that feature. The clip ends by confirming that Samsung’s next Unpacked event will happen on February 20.

While Samsung isn’t giving us any other info, the rumor mill is happy to share more. A new report from The Wall Street Journal says that Samsung will show three Galaxy S10 models at its event in February and that the phones will launch in March. A fourth Galaxy S10 variant with 5G support is expected to arrive later in the spring.

As for what improvements the Galaxy S10 might offer, Samsung is expected to embrace the new trend of hole-punch displays. More cameras will reportedly be included in these new Galaxy S10 models, too, with rumors suggesting that the Galaxy S10 could have a triple rear camera setup while the S10+ could have as many as four rear cameras and two front snappers. Samsung is rumored to be adding an in-display fingerprint sensor to the S10 and S10+ as well, though the lower-end “Lite” version of the S10 may miss out on this feature.

Today’s WSJ report also mentions that Samsung may show its foldable smartphone at this February 20 event. The device is being considered for an April launch, and Samsung is allegedly deciding between three names for it: Fold, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy F.

Sources: Samsung Mobile (Twitter), WSJ

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  • Francisco Peña

    i think 2 screens or foldable.

  • Philip

    Wonders if Tmo will do a big discount, trade in and 2 yrs to pay off type of things with S10.

  • Robert

    I’m about due for an upgrade on my S7 Edge and my wife is still sporting the Note 5 so hopefully we will see some type of B1G1 deal. Here’s hoping.

    • Philip

      Never. I bet its the same sign a new line, then you can do B1G1.

    • Andrew Singleton

      unlikely a bogo without an AAL – there is currently a trade-in, trade-up program for the S9 and N9, so i have no doubt there will be a similar program 2-3 months after launch. cant wait to see it!

      • Robert

        Yeah, AAL might happen, but if it does, I’ll just add it, then migrate one of my current numbers to it and then cancel my current line. There are always ways around it. Maybe because its a 10th anniversary phone Samsung will do a B1G1 directly like they did with the S7

  • Walter Kowalski

    Going to be a waste with it’s swiss cheese hole design

    Wait for S11

    2018 notch phones

    2019 Swiss cheese

  • Philip

    Wonders if S10 can do 5G?