T-Mobile Name ID update brings improved design, better block list


After beefing up its scam call protection services earlier this month, T-Mobile today announced that it’s stepping up its fight against robocalls, too.

T-Mobile’s Name ID is getting a new app for iOS and an update to the Android app. The app brings a simpler, more functional design that includes a block list that has its own area of the app where you can easily block or unblock callers. And when you do block a phone number, it’s blocked at the network level so that if you get a new device, you don’t have to reblock the number.

The Name ID service also lets you choose whether or not you want to receive notifications for calls that’ve been blocked or sent to voicemail. You can perform a reverse phone search to get contact info for people and businesses and get identification for incoming calls using a combination of T-Mobile and partner data, too. Name ID will identify an incoming call as one of several categories, like Scam Likely, Nuisance Likely, Telemarketing, Political Call, Survey Call, or Charity Call, and you can choose to send an entire group of calls directly to voicemail.

Scam Block is now included with Name ID as well, so that you can easily block all likely scammers entirely.

Name ID is included with T-Mobile One Plus, which is priced at $15 per line per month and also includes HD video streaming, 20GB of 4G LTE hotspot usage, 256kbps international data speeds, Voicemail to Text, and unlimited inflight Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights. Alternatively, postpaid customers can sign up for Name ID at a price of $4 per line per month.

Sources: T-Mobile, Name ID (Android), Name ID (iOS)

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  • PC_Tool

    I’d love to see T-Mo make a deal with Google to ship all of their devices with Google’s dialer, visual voicemail, and spam blocking/filtering.

    Pipe dreams, i know…but I just got the 6t and while you can use a ported version of Google’s dialer, I would love to be able to update that app from the Play Store.

    • Fan_Posting

      By the way, how do you like your One Plus 6t device in general, hardware, software and etc?

      • PC_Tool

        It’s all good, and I’ve yet to experience any real issues with it – just haven’t been able to let go of my Pixel 2 XL for some reason. Can’t seem to stick with the 6t for more than a day or two before I end up switching back to the Pixel.

        On the 6t, the screen is brighter, the speaker is louder (surprisingly so), it feels solid/well built, generally scores around 10Mbit faster on speed tests…

        Just can’t seem to find anything about it that makes me want to stay on it over the Pixel though. I’ll see what happens once I root it and start modding it though. Maybe I’ll find a “Pixel” rom that’ll have the best of both worlds.

        • Fan_Posting

          Simply said, thanks for your feedback…

  • adampk17

    What about Simple Choice customers?

  • Still no RCS for the rest of us, lul

  • Ver

    The app for Name ID has the worst reviews ever. It won’t even run on my phone (note 4). I guess it’s too old which is rediculous. I think Name ID should be free anyway.

  • steveb944

    ‘Your device isn’t compatible with this version’.
    Thankfully, now that I know there’s a charge.

    I wonder what the cut off is on hardware they sell, likely 2 years and not necessarily software based since I just got 8.0 on my V20.

  • noh1bvisas

    Are blocked calls still shunted to voicemail? So annoying. What part of “blocked” don’t they understand?

    • Mike

      No. They’re completely blocked, no option to leave voicemail.

  • Philip

    Are you sure this app works? It never works for me.

  • Willie D

    1. I’ve received more spam calls and texts since I switched TO TMo than ever in the history of landline or wireless combined. Even on lines that have completely new numbers generated by implementation of a brand new area code, on numbers which NO ONE else knows except TMo, leading me to believe they sell our number and data..interestingly enough I use a fake name for everything except legal paperwork, and surprise TMo, and these scammers know my legal name. Even some of my closest friends dont know my legal name

    2. WHY should I pay to block calls? Considering how many I get since coming to TMo they should be paying ME to do all the leg work of blocking calls for them. Their Scam ID and Scam block whatever they offer for free clearly isnt working and not only will I NOT pay for something that the phone company can give away freely die to their own negligence or sales of our info, but it shows that they’re really a pay to play type of carrier that wants income from customers opting out of selling our data to scammers that’s otherwise lost by the sale of said info.

    Screw that!