T-Mobile Tuesday offers for next week include Halloween costume discount, BOGO candy bar deal


Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday gifts have been revealed.

On Tuesday, October 9th, T-Mobile customers can get ready for Halloween with $20 off $40 in Halloween gear from HalloweenCostumes.com. Also available will be a deal that’ll get you 20 free 4×6 photo prints and free shipping from Snapfish.

Rounding out next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday gifts are a couple of food deals. First up, there’s a $20 dining credit from Dining Advantage, a site that offers deals for various restaurants. T-Mo is also giving customers a buy one, get one deal on 3 Musketeers candy bars.

For next week’s prize, one winner will receive a seven-day, six-night trip for two to London to see Bohemian Rhapsody, a film about the band Queen, from October 19th to October 25th. The trip includes round trip airfare for two to London, airport/hotel and hotel/airport transfers, six nights in a hotel, two tickets for the Bohemian Rhapsody red carpet screening, and a $3,000 check for taxes, meals, or other expenses.

Which of next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday offers interests you the most?

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Brenden Morris

    It’s like T-Mobile has given up on T-Mobile Tuesday.

    • UMadBruh

      I know right!? I remember back in the day when they’d give everyone free cars and booze. Man T-Mobile really sucks now, I’m off to Verizon where I get absolutely nothing.

      • Brenden Morris

        Bro I know. I miss those days! Those were the good times!

    • JStatt

      It is true that something is better than nothing. I’m not leaving T-Mobile over this, just as I didn’t join them over it either. That being said, the freebies have definitely gone down hill to the point that most weeks I don’t even bother to open the app anymore. I think they’ll probably kill it in 2019 sometime. Oh well.

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    Last week, some of the stores didn’t get the shipment of coffee cups and other stores ran out mid afternoon.

    Seems like they are trying to cut back on the give aways.

  • Deadeye37

    BOGO 3 Musketeers? Why only that candy bar?

    • icwhatudidthere

      To be fair, that is 6 Musketeers instead of 3!

  • Francisco Peña

    just keep VUDU credits, shell credits, and DD/BR gift cards.
    Throw in movie tickets here and there, and we straight.
    $15 to MLB? no.
    $20 to halloween? no
    $25 to 3 concerts no one cares for? no

    I wish there was the free Frosty or Dominoes, but Dominoes can’t handle a rush of people (4) in the store at one time, no matter what the commercials say.

    • JStatt

      That short lived free pizza giveaway was legendary

      • Francisco Peña

        I know. Saved me several times when I forgot to bring lunch from home. And it was so funny because that was the same time that Domino’s had those commercials that they could handle any kind of a rush, yeah I guess they couldn’t handle the T-Mobile Rush.

  • JG

    Which of next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday offers interests you the most?

    To be honest… Personally, I can’t say I’m interested in any of next week’s offerings.

    Considering Tuesday happens to be MadeByGoogle day… I would have loved a Google Store gift card or something. Maybe half off a tablet data plan for a year if I buy a Pixel Slate (assuming it has an LTE option)

    I really dig the free Redbox codes myself. It very convenient T-Mobile chose new movie day to give thanks when it comes to the Redbox codes.

    The physical T-Mo swag is fun too. It gives me a good excuse to leave my middle-of-nowhere hamlet to visit the slightly larger middle-of-nowhere–adjacent burg to pick it up and get a few more dining options.

  • deepdebt

    Yet another Tuesday I will pass on. Just give me a VUDU credit once a month and I am happy.