T-Mobile iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max deal offers up to $300 in savings with iPhone trade-in


Yesterday T-Mobile CEO John Legere teased a $300 trade-in offer for Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and now more details on that deal have come out.

Starting September 14th, customers who buy a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone 8 can save up to $300 with qualifying trade-in. These are the devices that qualify for trade-in and the amounts you’ll get for them:

  • $300 offer value: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or iPhone 8
  • $200 offer value: iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus
  • $100 offer value: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

To qualify for this offer, you’ll need to buy your new iPhone on EIP and be on any voice plan. The iPhone you trade in must also be functional and fully paid off. If you meet these requirements, you’ll get up to $300 back in the form of monthly bill credits.

T-Mobile still hasn’t announced its iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus, or iPhone XR pricing details as of this post’s publication. A source that’s been reliable in the past has shared some possible T-Mo pricing for Apple’s new phones, though, and it looks like this:

iPhone XS EIP

  • 64GB: $279 down, $30 per month
  • 256GB: $429 down, $30 per month
  • 512GB: $629 down, $30 per month

iPhone XS JOD

  • 64GB: $279 down, $26 per month
  • 256GB: $429 down, $24 per month
  • 512GB: $629 down, $24 per month

iPhone XS Max EIP

  • 64GB: $379 down, $30 per month
  • 256GB: $529 down, $30 per month
  • 512GB: $729 down, $30 per month

iPhone XS Max JOD

  • 64GB: $379 down, $26 per month
  • 256GB: $529 down, $24 per month
  • 512GB: $729 down, $24 per month

iPhone XR EIP

  • 64GB: $29 down, $30 per month
  • 128GB: $79 down, $30 per month
  • 256GB: $179 down, $30 per month

iPhone XR JOD

  • 64GB: $0 down, $30 per month
  • 128GB: $79 down, $26 per month
  • 256GB: $179 down, $24 per month

T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 at 12:01 am PT on September 14th, and all three devices will launch on September 21st. The iPhone XR will launch on October 26th.

Thanks, Ben and anonymous tipster!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Brenden Morris

    I have a iPhone 8 Plus….does that phone not qualify for the trade in deal??

    • brybry

      you can get more than 300 for it by selling it yourself why would you wnat to trade it in for $300

    • JStatt

      Trade in residual is already above 300 for that one. But you’ll get a lot more selling yourself.

  • steadymobb

    Going to message them tomorrow to see if my plan qualifies for anything lower on JOD (I had $80 Note9 down payment compared to $279 for most)

    If not, the Max is a no go for me.


      I agree JOD doesn’t make sense if you are putting down $279 and then paying 360 worth in monthly payments if you keep the phone a year. I think that will be the price of the XS. MY guess is the max will be a extra $100 down to make up the price difference. Gets to the point it isn’t worth it because you are just paying to use the phone and don’t own it… Better off just going through apple at that point because they include the apple care +

  • Mega Man X

    Those are terrible trade-in offers.

    • Chops

      $100 off for a iPhone 3g is great

      • Mega Man X

        I s’pose it’s not bad if you’re going that far back but for the newer models it’s an absolute rip-off and worse than last year’s offers.

      • pdoobs

        I’d really love to see how many working 3G and 3GS they get. I’ll see a random 4 or 4s in the wild occasionally but it’s been years since I’ve witnessed a 3G or 3GS. Heck I even retired that from its “kid toy phone” status years ago.

        • Bklynman

          You can get one from Ebay,just did fast look,any where from $15.00 to $50.00

      • dtam

        did you do this deal? I’ve printed out the trade in and it says accepted offer value of $12. Not sure if it’s just something they do on their end to add the bill credits

  • junkbrad

    credit score of 850 or higher? there is no higher score

    • Alex Wagner

      Thanks, was a typo. Removed that part until I can double-check info with my source.

      • Aaron M. Bielert

        611 just told me super well qualified which is the 3 years qualified will be $99.99 down for XS 64gb & $109.99 down for XS Max 64gb. They said they just got the info. The other JOD prices are accurate for under 3 years.

        • THXULTRA

          Seems to match what another poster put above and also makes sense with the prices of the Note 9…

  • Brenden Morris

    Does the iPhone 8 Plus not qualify for the Trade In?

    • JStatt

      I think the actual trade in value of that one is above 300

  • Dante Farrar

    Let’s not forget about the sales tax due at the time of purchase… (please correct me if I’m wrong) that will be in addition to the down payment.

    • Albert Orange

      Jump On Demand is a lease, therefore the tax is worked into the monthly payment and not charged upfront.

  • singal3

    So if you have 3 years tenure do you have an increased monthly payment since down payment is less, or is that a $200-$300 discount?

  • Chris Sousa Ebels

    Lol well lets hope these educated guesses are wrong. This would make the offering significantly worse than even last years. Maybe I should see if I can get pre-approved for the apple leasing offer instead.

  • “a credit score of 850 or higher”

    How can a credit score be higher than 850?


    I think the XS (64 gig) will be the same as the Note 9 for JOD and will be $220 down and $30 a month… Some got the note 9 for $80 down though and $40 a month. I understand there are two sets of JOD pricing…

  • Major_Tom

    Saw the below elsewhere but don’t know which is correct.
    These prices are direct from T-Force for Tier 4 Well Qualified Customers:

    iPhone Xs 64GB device will be $99.99 down and $36.00 per month.

    iPhone Xs 256GB device will be $213.99 down and $36.00 per month.

    iPhone Xs 512GB device will be $359.99 down and $36.00 per month.

    iPhone Xs Max 64GB device will be $109.99 down and $40.00 per month.

    iPhone Xs Max 256GB device will be $223.99 down and $40.00 per month.

    iPhone Xs Max 512GB device will be $369.99 down and $40.00 per month.


      Another poster below seems to have the same info you do and said they called 611…

    • Chris Sousa Ebels

      I also got this info. So this seems to be the party line but specifically for the “well qualified” customers.

    • kev2684

      are these EIP or JOD?

      • Major_Tom

        JOD I believe.

    • Ceefu

      Would this be for new or existing? If I could combine 2 x 6s trade ins for 2 x Xs 256gb, that’d be pretty sweet.

      • Ceefu

        Turns out I qualify for $0 down, $41 per month on the Xs 64gb on EIP.

    • The Waz

      i was able to get 0 down $41 a month….reach out to T Force and have them call you. website shows 0 down but when you go to checkout it changes to 279

  • stuman19741974 .

    Why are people so hung up on the down payment and monthly? It all adds (and multiplies) out to the same final number. It’s not a car or a house. If you don’t have the money, save up until you do before you get it and keep enjoying your existing phone.

    Monthly is only a benefit if in the end you are are getting a worthwhile net discount.


      If you are on Jump On Demand it makes a big difference since you are only paying for the use of the phone and not owning the phone (although you could pay the balance at the end). Anyway JOD doesn’t make sense if you pay for most of the phone because then you may as well just buy it.

      • stuman19741974 .

        That’s a lot of money to pay to “rent” a phone. And I agree as you stated…if spending that much, you might as well just buy it.

    • mjfadaway

      This is a silly question. It matters to a lot of people because they would like to be prepared for how much they have to pay up front. Sorry everyone isn’t wealthy like you.

      • stuman19741974 .

        Has nothing to do with being wealthy. It’s about being smart with money. Either plan and save up before you buy or pay the same after you buy. Poor guy or rich guy…the phone costs the same either way. I just think it’s crazy to be strapped to a monthly bill for a phone for 24 months. However, I get that it’s an interest free loan of sorts so there is some benefit. But if you are that tight on money, then maybe a $1100 phone isn’t the best choice.

        • SurvivingSunnyvale

          Well stated.

  • VG

    How come the Source link to the T-Mobile web site asks me to log in? I don’t see the T-Mobile source for these trade-in prices.

  • Mickey T

    No iPhone x prices? I’d like to upgrade to that since the new phones aren’t that much of an upgrade.

    • renzo


      • Rene Shabastari

        Not from T-Mo, I bet they still sitting on stock for a bit

    • Dante Farrar

      Yep. The X was discontinued, but will likely drop in price after the official xs release

    • The Waz

      im selling mine, if you want a good deal let me know. its mint condition.

      • thepanttherlady

        No selling, bartering, trading etc on this site.

  • Jay Dee

    I got the iPhone Xs Max 256GB for $249 down $41/m with T-Mobile. I was on the Jump plan (not OD) and traded in the iPhone X 256GB (with $400+ left on EIP).

  • john

    Not upgrading to the IPhone xs this year from the 8 plus and 8. Zero deal for existing customer unless you pay for new add a line . And down payment is $249.99 per XS. Wonder if it pays to be 14 year T-Mobile customer ? I asked for “ well qualifying customer” offer and they the TForce and the twitter agent says no!