T-Mobile offering free calls, texts, and data for customers affected by Hurricane Florence


As Hurricane Florence begins to make its way to land, T-Mobile has made an announcement to help keeps its customers in affected areas stay in contact with loved ones.

T-Mobile is now offering free calling, texting and data to customers in the path of Hurricane Florence who are not already on an unlimited plan like T-Mobile One, Simple Choice, Simply Prepaid, or MetroPCS. The area codes included with this offer are:

  • North Carolina: 252, 336, 704, 828, 910, 919
  • South Carolina: 803, 843, 864
  • Virginia: 276, 434, 540, 571, 757, 804
  • Maryland: 240, 301, 410, 443, 667
  • Georgia: 229, 404, 470, 478, 678, 706, 762, 770, 912

Pay As Your Go and postpaid plans without data will only receive free talk and text.

T-Mobile doesn’t say how long this offer will be valid, but it’s good to see it extending free calling, texting, and data to all of its customers so that they can stay in contact with friends and family without having to worry about limits, overages, or anything like that.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Nobody Special

    Maybe a $100 credit on their account would of been a better option for T-Mobile customers affected by Hurricane Florence. Most of the residents were without power in North Carolina and South Carolina…. so i doubt the cell phone towers were even operational to take advantage of free calls, data and text. But good try though.

  • Mindtrouble

    I live in the path of the storms eye when it came onshore. Cell signal was in and out. Mostly out but when it was in I could communicate with friends and family. I have an old 2 gig plan and once I was notified I hit my 2 gig limit the speed dropped off. I called and got a hold of a guy in the Philippines. He confirmed I was in the affected area and said that the towers are having a major issue here. I told him I was working fine enough until I hit my limit. He add 4 gig of data to my plan for this month and a credit for it. after that I’m back to slow speeds again. So, Free unlimited isn’t free unlimited after all in affected areas.