T-Mobile deploys traveling tech truck to demo benefits of 5G and other technologies


T-Mobile often makes a big deal about the benefits of 5G and what it’ll enable, like better Internet of Things products, in addition to the lower latency and faster speeds that mobile devices will see. And now it’s going on the road to help people learn more about 5G.

The T-Mobile Tech Truck hit the road today, beginning a journey that’ll take it across the country to help people experience the benefits of 5G as well as other tech being developed by T-Mobile. The exhibit will include connected drones, interactive displays to show how smart cities will become cleaner and more efficient, and AR and VR experiences that T-Mo says will improve how we communicate.

All of these experiences are loaded up on a semi-truck that’ll be making dozens of stops in cities across the U.S. over the next 12 months. The truck began its travels in Bellevue, WA today and will use the hashtag #TMobileTechTruck so that you can follow it and see where it stops next.

T-Mobile has said that it plans to begin deploying 5G coverage in 30 cities in 2018, including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas, and T-Mo expects to launch its first 5G smartphone in 2019. T-Mobile’s goal is to have nationwide 5G coverage in 2020. It’s said that it plans to use 600MHz and mmWave spectrum in building out its 5G network.

Source: T-Mobile

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