T-Mobile wireless equipment rolled out in St. Louis MetroLink stations


There’s some exciting news this week for T-Mobile customers in St. Louis.

The Metropolitan St. Louis Transit Agency has teamed up with T-Mobile to install wireless equipment inside the metro tunnels. The components were installed at six MetroLink stations to boost cell signals in downtown St. Louis, the Central West End, and along the Blue Line by the University City-Big Bend and Skinker MetroLink stations.

The new antennas are up and running, giving T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers voice and 4G LTE data service while in the MetroLink system.

Here’s what Jennifer Silveira, SVP of engineering and technology for T-Mobile’s central region, had to say about this rollout:

“When you’re riding MetroLink, you shouldn’t have to plan your calls, texts or emails around the tunnels. You want your phone to work when you need it. Not only are T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers the first to have service in the tunnels, it’s blazing fast, too. Go ahead and stream your music or watch Cardinals’ highlights in HD on your way to the park.”

It can be annoying when you’re walking outside on a call, listening to music, or browsing the web and then you lose your signal just because you need to go into a tunnel to ride the subway. We’ve seen some cities install wireless equipment in their tunnels to combat this issue and help riders stay connected while they’re riding public transportation, and it’s great to see a solution go live in St. Louis, too.

Source: RCRWireless

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  • riverhorse

    Congrats, St.Louis, every city should have this.

    25 years ago I wrote a piece suggesting New York MTA do this, and if necessary, grant monopoly rights to the carrier footing the costs.
    I got lambasted left and right. “only showoffs and drug dealers use cellphones!, why would anyone else need a cellphone, especially underground?”
    Post 9/11 everyone lamented not having had this in place.
    17 years later, not only don’t we have this, but the subways are actually crumbling apart- undergoing emergency repairs… but we just opened two new(actually renovated) stations at a cost of 4 & 6 Billion each: poorly designed & signaged, requiring a platoon of guides to direct passengers, plus another platoon of maintenance polishing all the specialty metalwork, flooring and glass… While almost half the brand new escalators and elevators are out of service at any given time.
    Simultaneously, we added an extension of 3 stops to one of the subway lines, but ran out of money before the last one, in the middle of the other two, could be built.

    OH, and St.Louis just beat us to cellular in station.
    Ehh, life sucks…and then we die.

    • bkat11

      Poorly ran city and state in NY

      • slybacon

        Blue state (NY) vs Red State (MO). Just food for thought.

  • Jettachris22

    They really need to up it in Boston on the red and green lines. Some stations don’t have service and between Andrew and jfk/umass service isn’t existent. Between park st and Charles/MGH it doesn’t work either