T-Mobile Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 8 now receiving updates


The iPhone and Apple Watch aren’t the only devices that are starting the week with new software updates.

T-Mobile is releasing updates for its Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy S9 update is version G960USQU2ARF7 while the S9+ is version G965USQU2ARF7. Both phones are getting RTT updates, DIGITS enhancements, and other bug fixes and system improvements.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 8 is getting an update to version N950USQU4CRF3. This update brings a fix for an incorrect time and date bug, some camera fixes, and some other bug fixes and system improvements.

These updates are now going out over the air. You can check for your device’s update by going into Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

Thanks, Jonathan!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S9, T-Mobile Galaxy S9+, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8

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  • bkat11

    I haven’t seen anything with my S9+

    • Francisco Peña

      nor on my S9

      • Chad Spencer

        Same S9

  • Aaron A.

    I was hoping to get home screen rotation for Note8 in this update like S9 but they didn’t included.
    If any of you guys want the home screen rotate download this version of “Samsung Experience Home” from apkmirror. I Just installed it and works nicely.
    After you installed it go to home screen settings and you should see option to turn on/off portrait mode only.

    • bkat11

      You can’t really side load Samsung apps…trust me I’ve tried

      • Aaron A.

        It worked for me. Make sure you install Version Samsung Experience Home.
        Apkmirror suggests version as newest but it isn’t.

      • g2a5b0e

        How can you say something can’t be done when he literally just said he did it? The fact that you don’t have the “know how” doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

        • bkat11

          See Reddit

        • bkat11

          Have you done it? Or you just trying to win troll of the day award?

      • Kevna

        I’ve been able to get some to work but most won’t install

        • bkat11

          Yeah I got a couple to work after a software update but Samsung locks em out real quick

        • Kevna

          It’s annoying cuz there is an updated samsung messages on apkmirror but I can’t install it. Who knows how long until Samusng updates it on the Galaxy store.

  • teckn9ne23

    nothing on s9+ yet on my end

  • The Borg

    Me neither

  • Reagan1

    Nothing yet for my S9 as of 10pm EST. Hope this update is better than June’s which seemed to cause a few issues.

  • Brenden Morris

    It’s July 10th at 12am. Still no update on my S9+.

  • Cat88L3

    I hope this fixes the removal of the portrait tools in the Gallery There was an update last week and the portrait tools in the Photo Editor Pro went missing. I have the S9 Plus

  • Aaron Lafferty

    I say #FakeNews nothing here either.

    • Mohit Chaudhary

      i recieved notifications for update, updating now. not fake news

      • Kevna

        Do you have the Note8 or S9?

        • Mohit Chaudhary

          i have a note 8. i got the notification overnight, then installed it at work this morning

        • Kevna

          Yeah well everyone that is saying they haven’t received an update has a S9/S9+. So apparently only the Note8 has received it so far

        • Bluefire

          The update was halted…. again

        • bkat11

          Yeah t-force told me via Twitter earlier today as well

  • Francisco Peña

    stil waiting…

  • Peter Smith

    Got it on my Note 8 yesterday afternoon. Just randomly pressed the update button and it came through. Always nice to see an update.

    • Kevna

      Well apparently T-Mobile has pushed it to the Note8 but not the S9 yet.

      • Reagan1

        Makes sense, still haven’t received on my S9.

  • Adrian T Nidelea

    Nothing here. S9+

  • S7edge just updated to oreo 9.0 niceee

  • Ore Joseph Lindenfeld

    FML!!! my phone, note 8, is acting all crazy now after I updated yesterday. Text messages were not sending, fast charging is slow, glitchy, and slow!!!

  • mavricxx

    Hopefully they fix that glitch sending out our pictures to all our contacts. I also hope they bring back the removal of the portrait tools in the Gallery.