T-Mobile ending Binge On free Vudu rental promo for Simple Choice Unlimited customers


Way back in late 2015 when Binge On originally launched, T-Mobile offered a free Vudu rental for every month of 2016 to Simple Choice Unlimited customers. That offer was extended through early 2018, but now it looks like it’s coming to an end.

T-Mobile is notifying customers that it’s ending its Binge On promotion that gives Simple Choice Unlimited customers a free Vudu movie rental each month. The offer is coming to an end on March 31, 2018, meaning that this is the last month that these customers will get a free Vudu rental.


As for why the promo is coming to an end, T-Mobile offers this explanation:

“This is the end of the limited-time promotion extension, but we hope you have enjoyed this amazing offer as much as we did!”

Getting a free Vudu movie rental every month is a pretty nice deal, so I’m sure that Simple Choice Unlimited customers are disappointed to learn that this promo is coming to an end.

Thanks, Stephen!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Nobody Special

    i was collecting a total of $19.95 in Vudu credits every month. I have several hundred movies in my collection thanks to this promotion. I am really disapointed it is ending.

    That was the only reason I used Binge-On, to get the $3.99 in monthly Vudu per each of my 5 Unlimited Lines on my Simple Choice Unlimited Plan.

    April 1st … I will turn BingeOn off and I wil enjoy using my Unlimited Data… I think T-Mobile made a terrible choice with ending this promotion, but hey – that’s life :)

    Im still not going to join the T-Mobile ONE Plan (Gotcha).

    • Jason

      You would have been good getting on the free unlimited HD viewing One deal from early last year. I have that one on all my lines. But hey you figured out a great scheme for Vudu movies!

      • Nobody Special

        I actually already have Unlimited HD viewing with my Simple Choice plan…. I used BingeOn only to get the free Vudu credits :)

        The ONE PLAN does look appealing…. but if i switched over to the ONE PLAN…. i would lose my Family Stateside International Calling i have …. and i only pay $10 for that and it covers all the lines on my account.

        If T-Mobile allowed me to maintain the Family Stateside INTERNATIONAL CALLING FOR ALL 5 lines on my account at no additional cost…. i would switch to the ONE Plan tomorrow…. oh… i like having my Napster UnRadio too…. a $4.99 value every month for each of my 5 lines…. awesome.

        • MrJohnDoe

          How does the One plan look appealing? Your videos get reduced to 480p. It also costs more to switch to the One plan. I did that as soon as it was available and the T-Mobile rep said i would save. B.S. my bill actually rose. Thankfully, T-Mobile let me switch back to the Simple Choice plan. I will stay with that forever as I already have 2 free lines with free data attached to it (T-mobile This one on us Syncup Drive and the additional add a line free with unlimited data at 1080p). If I switch to one, I would lose both of those deals.

        • Nobody Special

          The only aspect right niw that I found appealing of the T-Mobile ONE Plan is that it has the unlimited 3G. Im unsure what that means, because I have read on the T-Mobile Forum that customers are unhappy with the unlimited 3G because trying to view video is terrible. I wanted to put my tablet lines under the T-Mobile ONE Plan so it could benefit from the unlimited 3G instead of te unlimited 2G is what i have now. unlimited 2G is great to listen to music or check email, or browse the web…. but if i want to watch a video using 2G…. the video would have to be in the bottom low video setting…. i think at 144p….

          but the same as you…. i can’t migrate to the T-Mobile ONE Plan because i would pay more and get less for the services I already have. but, if T-Mobile made it worth it to switch, I would switch. But they would have to do more than just take $10 off my monthly bill.

          Did you get your MLB subscription???? i think the deadline to redeem is April 1st or 2nd….

    • SirStephenH

      Same here, we’ve been getting $15.96 in VUDU credits a month AND have several hundred movies in our collection because of them.

      Binge On is going off as soon as April comes around. We only have two reasons to use Binge on and T-Mobile has just pulled the main one. The second being data-free streaming through tethering to run a Chromecast when the internet goes out which we will now only enable when needed.

  • Mickey T

    wait what? I didn’t even know this was a thing. :(

  • MadMartigan

    I had completely forgotten about that…

  • Kevin

    Wait What? Why is this the 1st time I’m hearing about this? What’s do i redeem them ?

  • jayhawker520

    I’ve taken advantage of this every month since 2015! They ended the promotion on 12/31/2017 (and it was never communicated to anyone). I called in January 2018 and customer care had no idea about the promotion. The team that handled the promotion said it is never coming back. So at that point I turned BingeOn off, then about 2 weeks later they reactivated the promotion again.

    At least this time they’re actually communicating ending the promotion. I’m sure they realized their mistake when they first ended it on 12/31/2017 with no update to their support docs. There must have been some other upset people too. I didn’t notice a difference when I had BingeOn off for 2 weeks though.

    I’m still disappointed they’re permanently ending the promotion. :(

    • Panzer

      I had simple choice unlimited until last year and I never heard of this promotion either. So many Tuesdays I used Vudu credits …

  • Steve

    They should be a list of all deals that are available. Hard to keep up with all of them.

  • steveb944

    I’m sure a lot of customers didn’t even know they had it, it’s going to bring a lot of unknown anger.

  • Koolme666

    I remember this very early on but never even knew how to use it. As long as this doesn’t affect the T-Mobile Tuesdays vudu promotion I guess I’m ok with this because i forgot we even had this.

  • I kept forgetting about it but it was a nice, occasional treat.

  • Zach Mauch

    Wish I had known about this. DANG IT!!! Oh well.

  • MrJohnDoe

    Just another attempt for T-Mobile to start weening people off the Simple Choice plan. I never used binge on as the already included 50Gbs was more than enough so there was no need to reduce video quality in order for apps not count against your limit.. (well until YTTV came along, hahaha).