T-Mobile will support Always Connected PCs with Windows 10 and Snapdragon processors


T-Mobile supports a variety of devices on its network, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables, and now it’s committed to supporting another form factor.

Qualcomm today confirmed that T-Mobile has said that it will support Always Connected PCs. These devices will run Windows 10 and will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, like the 835.

According to Qualcomm, these Always Connected PCs will offer benefits like “instant on capability, always on connectivity, and ‘beyond all-day’ battery life.” They’re expected to pack all of those features in “thin and light” packages.

In addition to T-Mobile, AT&T today committed to supporting these Always Connected PCs. Sprint and Verizon haveĀ committed to supporting the devices, too.

Three manufacturers that’ve already announced plans to launch Always Connected PCs include ASUS, HP, and Lenovo. However, it’s unclear when we might see devices from these companies go on sale in the US.

Also unknown is if T-Mobile plans to sell Always Connected PCs or if it just plans to support them on its network. These Always Connected PCs could be pretty compelling devices if they can live up to the claims that Qualcomm is making about them, giving users a Windows 10 experience in a thin device with built-in LTE connectivity and long battery life.

Would you be interested in an Always Connected PC running on T-Mobile?

Via: The Verge
Source: Qualcomm

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  • Sayahh

    How do they work? Do they need a SIM card and if so do they have a slot for one? Would it be a special plan, e.g. 20 dollars a month?

    • Dominic Shzl

      All of those would be a good assumption. I’d expect it to work like the LTE in tablets.

      • Zack Kennedy

        Kind of, but in addition to data, you’ll also be able to make and receive phone calls with many (though not all at first) of these devices.

    • vrm

      Yes- they will take a SIM card and get data thru wifi or LTE.

    • Zack Kennedy

      They would take a SIM card. Many of them will also come with telephony capabilities so you’ll be able to make and receive calls and messages like you can on your smartphone. Windows 10 is already built with these capabilities. There’s also going to be some additional foldable form factors in the works to take advantage of these new capabilities.

      These are thanks to Windows on ARM, which enables Always Connected PCs, and Windows Core OS, which is coming out later this year that will enable Windows 10 to conform to even more new form factors.

      • Sayahh

        I guess flip phones ARE making a comeback, after all.

  • vrm

    I hope they will also sell the upcoming AMD based notebooks, also with Qualcomm LTE modems which will also be always connected and run windows 10.

    • riverhorse

      Same here, I would expect much better performance.
      Puzzles me why this hasn’t been done already, even @ dual/removable/extended battery w/ perhaps also a separate charger.

  • Jason

    Honestly, I think PCs are kinda dead. Havent even used my laptop in 3 years. Why would you with a tablet or large phone?

    • Dominimmiv

      Obviously you haven’t tried major HD video editing on a phone or rip your CD or DVD collection on a tablet….

      • SirStephenH

        Or any of the thousands of other things that a PC is more useful for…

        • Boris Govnic

          Millennials are sheep all they need are Instagram and Snapchat…. resume job interview skills need not apply

    • Trevnerdio

      In contrast, I’ve had tablets and I can’t find uses for them. They’re bigger phones, but not big enough to be all that useful. I prefer a slightly larger laptop screen, or better yet, a large monitor.

      • vrm

        and a real keyboard. Each device has its own use cases. Tablets are ideal for some businesses esp where they used RF terminals before.

    • Zack Kennedy

      So because you don’t use a PC (and despite the fact that nearly a billion are used each and every day, including over 500 million with Windows 10 installed on them), you think they’re dead? Yeah, sounds legit. :P

      • Jason

        Those are seriously tiny numbers in a world with 8 billion people. Its just not a mainstream technology anymore. Compare that to smartphones used per day

    • Nobody Special

      I have a laptop and a desktop PC…for the moment the “New, useful and trendy” smartphone has gained the attention of many consumers. You stated you have not used your PC in 3 years… But I’m sure you have other devices to compensate for the lack of PC usage. Do you have an XBOX or PS4 ??? I don’t have the conventional gaming console , I play games on my PC. If you need to print something out from the Internet, please explain how do you personally do that? I know there are many apps that can connect wirelessly to a printer (and you can print things that way). But the PC is just as useful as a smartphone (can hold more data, faster than your smartphone, graphics are better amount other things). I think this PC with a simcard would be awesome for many people including myself. In the early stages of smartphones… People frowned upon the usefulness of a phone that can play videos, music, and games…. People thought why would you need that when you have a PC?

      It boils down to what is useful in your world. If you had your own business with a minimum of 5 employees… I would be interested in seeing you run your entire business with no PC. I’m not saying it’s not impossible to have and operate a business without a PC, but depending on what type of business you a running, a PC will be productive at maintaining a successful business.

      Your smartphone is a miniaturized PC… Lol

      • Boris Govnic

        It gives me great joy that my resume writing skills on a desktop will be much better than yours on a smartphone and all the others who share your viewpoint. Is next to Impossible to create a professional-looking resume strictly from a smartphone with all the proper formatting and fonts if living in your parents basement is the Zenith of your existence and by all means continue to use your smartphone

  • Dean Kaltsas

    pc’s are not dead if you have to work on them.

    • Dominimmiv

      Exactly. Inam on one at work 9 hours a day. I also keep a Linux PC at home that houses all my audio and video files as well as the thousands of photos I have taken over the years..

  • Renaldo Epps

    As the president of a company that requires its employees to be mobile a mobile computer is the best choice over a tablet. I currently have the Microsoft Surface 3. The surface has LTE availability and I use the T-Mobile SIM. Some might argue that the surface is a PC and some say it’s a tablet. The need for professional Computing in the street is very high. While tablets allow for viewing and some modification they will never be used completely for creation of content. Allowing the mobile Workforce is where our future is heading. These computers will be great once they come out. I would love to have a always on on my Surface if I could.